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Shine On You Crazy Glitter!

Oh, the love-hate relationship with glitter. I think we've all had it (or still do).
Glitter shines, it is beautiful and charming and has the ability to completely change any manicure.
On the other hand (no pun intended)... 
it finds a way to get everywhere and it will show up at the most inconvenient places unless you take the proper measures to avoid it (and even when you do...).
And then there's the "post-nailart". That moment when we remove all the layers of nail polish and the so-called glitter. Yup. Or am I the only one who dreads gets slightly concerned about the remaining tiny shiny pieces that are stubborn enough to stick to the nails? No, I am not the only one, and I know it!
But it looks so wonderful that it is abolutely impossible to quit using it. At least not for long.
When BeautyBigBang invited me to test some of their products, one of my choices was a set of 4 glitters . These glitters have different sizes, some bits are quite visible while others are super tiny and I only know they exist because they shine. There are eight sets available and the one I chose is sold with the reference J1371-7C.
Confession: It was not an easy choice.

It's not easy either to see four little bottles full of sheer shiny wonder and have to choose just one of them.

And now it's time to show you two different manicures. The photos were taken in different light conditions.
The first manicure is with the light blue glitter, as shown in the photo above.
As a base colour I used one layer of a dark blue purple-ish (oh what a description!) nail polish.

The pictures can't show everything, but I particularly liked the effect with low light - these nail glitters are so good at reflecting any bit of light!
And I should mention: these glitters are super easy to remove. They don't tend to stick to the nail. They just go away with the nail polish.
My other glittery choice for this post was the light pink glitter.
As a base colour I used one coat of this nail polish and this is the result:
It is so lovely and pretty! I'm sorry but I have to post more pictures of this. I just can't resist:
Article By: Experiências e Constatações


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