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Purple Chameleon Holo Flakes Powder - review

Today I'm showing you one of BeautyBigbang products that was kindly sent me for this review :-) It is the chameleon holo flakes powder that you can find on Beauty Bigbang website with this name: 0.2g/Box Chameleon Nail Powder Holographic Flakes, item ID: J2419-2C.

Chameleon Nail Powder

This set consists of one box of chameleon holo flakes powder and one small eye-shadow brush. The chameleon holo flakes powder capacity is 0.2 g, but you need a very small quantity of this powder to obtain this beautiful effect on your nails, so the quantity is not a problem at all :-)
There are 6 various shades of chameleon nail powder, my first choice was this gorgeous purple, but I like also the others, I'd surely like to have all of them! :-)
This is the procedure to follow if you'd like create a beautiful chameleon holo flakes powder UV gel manicure:
1. clean the surface of your nails, apply one layer of UV gel base coat polish, cure it 2 minutes in 36W UV lamp 
2. apply one or two thin layers of black UV gel polish, cure each layer 2 minutes in 36W UV lamp
3. apply one layer of UV gel top coat polish, cure it 2 minutes in 36W UV lamp
4. using the eye-shadow brush apply a small amount of chameleon holo flakes powder on your nails until you cover entire nail and buff it on the nail until you get the desired effect 
5. seal your manicure with one layer of UV gel top coat nail polish, cure 2 minutes in UV lamp

I didn't have any problem during the application, this powder is really easy to use and it's the perfect solution when you want to make a spectacular eye-catching manicure that will leave you breathless! :-)

I strongly recommend this chameleon holo flakes powder, it is really a great product! :-)
I also remind you that Beauty Bigbang has worldwide free shipping, often they also make very nice offers too and, if you need some extra help, you are welcome to use my coupon code B15, to get the 15% off on all your Beauty Bigbang orders! :-)
Here is my chameleon holo flakes powder manicure, I hope you like it as much as I do! :-)
Chameleon Nail Powder
Chameleon Nail Powder
Chameleon Nail Powder


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