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Peel Off Nail Polish

Welcome to BeautyBigBang. Today I want to introduce all our peel off nail polish. Firstly let me tell you what is Peel Off Nail Polish

Peel off nail polish a natural water-based nail polish with resin as raw material, you can easily pull the whole piece from the nail down, so it is called peel off nail polish. It is also more healthy and environmental friendly than other nail polish, easy to peel off, reduce corrosion to nails.

A benefit of using peel-off nail polish is that it can be created without toxic ingredients. For example, peel-off nail polishes can be made without the ingredients of toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalates frequently found in more traditional nail polishes. Consumers of beauty products who are health-conscious and want to reduce the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals to which they are exposed might desire to try a peel-off nail polish in lieu of standard nail polishes. So peel off nail polish is the best choice.

1. Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish

Blue Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Blue is seen as a symbol of reason, it symbolizes a fresh, clear, logical attitude, people see the blue will feel open, broad, far-reaching, smooth, calm. Experiments also prove that blue will make people's breathing weak, pulse slow, blood pressure lower. 

blue peel off nail polish


Brown Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Brown is often associated with the soil, natural, simple. Giving a reliable, healthy feeling.

brown peel off nail polish

Red Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Red represents the character of positive, lively, open, warm and willing to interact with people; red is also the symbol of life, vitality, health, enthusiasm, vitality and happy.

Red Peel Off Nail Polish

White Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: White can express noble, rigorous, serious and so on in the use of color. White has also a symbolic meaning of simple and pure. White is a wild color, and have a good visual effects with a variety of colors, such as blue and green is difficult to coordinate, but with the white, you can make a serious, fresh, environmentally friendly features.

White Peel Off Nail Polish

Grey Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: If you describe the mood with gray, it means sad, depressed, unhappy. Gray, not dark, nor light, I think it represents peace ...

Grey Peel Off Holographic Nail Polish

Nude Color Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Nude color came from the emotional lips, face and body, it is close to the skin color, light and transparent, showing the subtle sexy charm inadvertently. That kind of naked color, always gives people incredible sexy.

Orange Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Orange is bright, gorgeous, healthy, excited, warm, happy, brilliant, and easy to touch, so often used as decorative colors.

orange peel off nail polish

Light Green Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Light green is bright, elegant color, full of naive romantic style, light green is also a color of the full of vitality, perform the life in the early stages of the development.

light green peel off nail polish

Light Purple Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Purple is a very noble color, purple is divided into deep purple and light purple, etc., different purple has a relatively similar color. Purple is the color of the cold color, but the light purple is lighter, closer to warm colors, light powder, lotus color are very close to them, these colors can be coordinated with the light purple. The meaning of light purple: beautiful, noble, soft, comfortable.

Light Purple Peel Off Nail Polish

Black Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Black is mysterious, hidden power. Black and white, is never out of date, has been located in the forefront of fashion. Black is a very strong color. It can be very solemn and elegant, and can make other colors (bright) highlights. So we often use black as background when make nail design.

Black Peel Off Nail Polish

Dark Red Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: Dark red is based on the original red reduction in the brightness of the light, is the brightness changes in the red line. Lightness is low. The combination of these colors with the brightness of the dark, is easier to create deep, resentment atmosphere. Dark red is convey to the feeling of stable, mature, noble and negative psychological.

Dark Red Peel Off Nail Polish

Pink Holographic Peel Off Nail Polish: The use of pink is very wide. Such as clothes, quilt, towels, pillows, bags, flowers, etc., a variety of natural flowers are pink. Pink in life also represents the lovely, warm, delicate, youth, bright, love and other significance. Pink is related to red, but connect with love and romance. It is a fashionable color, and it is usually considered a very female color, but not girls special color.

 2. Peel Off Nail Polish Set : candy colors and mixed colors set

Blue Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99 

Red Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

Mixed Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

Nude Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

Deep Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

Cold Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

Pink Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

Bright Series Peel Off Nail Polish 5PCS/$11.99

3. Thermal Peel Off Nail Polish :Thermal Nail Polish will change color with the temperature. The Critical discoloration temperature of Thermal Nail Polish is 22 degrees, the color becomes shallow, and even disappeared when the temperature increased, on the contrary, the color will become darker in the low temperature. In addition, if the nail is relatively long, the temperature of the fingertip part is low in the cold weather, fingertip color will become dark. This is the charm of temperature change color nail polish.

Chameleon Series Thermal Peel Off Nail Polish $6.99/Bottle, 9 colors optional

 Glitter Series Thermal Peel Off Nail Polish $6.99/Bottle, 11 colors optional

 4. Glitter Peel Off Nail Polish: Glitter nail polish is more difficult to apply, so the nail brush must be great and coat evenly. We can apply a layer of base coat firstly, pick out large sequins with a toothpick and stick them to the nails slowly, as to small sequins, just apply it evenly, and finally apply a layer of top coat.

Sparkling Diamond Glitter Peel Off Nail Polish $6.99/Bottle

Hope you can find one peel off nail polish for your style. Enjoy 10% off the all peel polish when using PEEL10 code. 




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