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Nail Decorations from BeautyBigbang

Today we'll be taking a look at some nail decorations that I received for review from BeautyBigbang! Beauty Bigbang is an online retailer that sells a variety of beauty items including nail supplies, cosmetics, and hair products. They offer worldwide free shipping with a delivery time between 2 and 4 weeks, and they accept Paypal and credit card payments.

I received a collection of three nail art powders and a container of loose holographic glitter. All of these products (and many more!) can be purchased directly from the BeautyBigbang website.

The first nail decoration product I tried was a Chameleon Glitter, J2106-6C

This particular powder comes in six different colors (the one shown here is J2106-6C), and each is regularly $5.69 for 0.2 grams and 1 eye shadow applicator brush.

These powders can be used with gel or regular polish and can be worn as either large flakes or buffed into a smooth, chrome-like finish. For these, I applied a regular black polish and topped it with a water-based base coat before tapping the flakes onto my nails and sealing them with Zoya's Armor topcoat, and it didn't ruin the chrome finish.

I was really impressed with the shifting colors in this powder. Depending on the lighting, the flakes shift from gold to green to red to a deep purple, and the fact that the powder can either be worn as large flakes or buffed into a smoother finish provides more options in manicures. The flakes were also easy to clean up and remove after I was done wearing them, which is always a bonus.

The next nail decoration product is the Galaxy Holo Flakes, J2425:

This powder is a holographic laser powder that consists of large silver flakes that reflect the rainbow when in direct sunlight. These holographic flakes are regularly $5.99 for 0.2 grams, and, like the chameleon powder, they come with their own applicator.

These flakes can also be applied over regular or gel polish, and they don't require a water-based base/topcoat to keep their shine. For these, I simply applied a black base polish and placed the flakies over a semi-wet coat of regular topcoat to help them stick before sealing them with Zoya's Armor topcoat.

I love all things holo, and these flakes are no exception. The larger holographic flakes actually give this powder more dimension, which I feel looks a lot more interesting than the effect of a fine-glitter holo powder. In indirect sunlight, they reflect a scattered holographic pattern, but in direct sunlight they begin pulling into a linear holo pattern. Some of the flakes didn't want to stick to the edges of my nails, but I just reapplied topcoat to those areas and added more flakes, and the result was still very even.

Next up we have these Iridescent Chameleon Flakes, J2443-9A:

These are mermaid/unicorn skin iridescent flakies that can be purchased in 12 different colors (shown here is 9A). These powders are each available for $5.99 for 0.2 grams and 1 applicator.

Like the other powders, these can be applied over regular or gel polish, and they can be worn as large flakes or buffed into a smoother finish. As with the holo flakes, a water-based base/topcoat was not needed for these flakes, and I just used a regular topcoat to stick them to my nails. 

The interesting thing about these flakes is that, since they are iridescent, the base color underneath determines which colors will show up on your finished nails. When applied over black, as shown above, these flakes shift between darker green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. However, when applied over a white base, they become pastel pink, blue, purple, and green, as seen below.

Of all three nail powders, this one is actually my favorite because of its versatility. In general, I prefer the darker colors that appear over the black base, and I would be more likely to wear them this way, but I think that the shifting pastels provided by the white base would be perfectly suited to more delicate designs. Regardless, this powder was stunning both ways, and I'm definitely going to be ordering more of these flakes when I run out.

Lastly, we have the Holographic Laser Stripes Loose Glitter, J2104-2C:

These laser glitter powder come in three different sizes (I'm using the medium 2 mm size), and each container normally costs $2.99.

These are perfect for glitter placement manis and can be applied using a wet regular topcoat to stick them directly to your nails. The silver glitter pieces each have several parallel holographic stripes.

I loved how unique these nail glitters were when compared to traditional full-holographic glitters. Since these contain thin stripes of holo, the same piece of glitter can reflect several different colors of the rainbow at once, and, at the perfect angle, a single stripe can even appear to split into different colors. Many of the glitters in the box did arrive stuck together, but they were easy to work with once they were pulled apart.

Overall, I really loved all of these nail decoration products even more than I was expecting. I've seen a lot of "higher-end" and "premium" nail powders that cost two and three times as much as these products, but I personally think the BeautyBigbang products look just as nice at only a fraction of the price. The chameleon and iridescent flakes shift beautifully in the light, and pictures really don't do them justice. The holo flakes are packed with shifting rainbow colors that are nearly blinding in sunlight. The powders might be a bit tricky to apply and might require some trial and error if you haven't applied nail powders before, but the process is easy to pick up once you've gotten the hang of it. The striped holographic loose glitter is also perfect if you're looking for a more unique option for glitter placements.

Article By: nailblitz


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