Nail Art Liner Brushes from BeautyBigBang on Minty Bon Bon | BeautyBigBang

Nail Art Liner Brushes from BeautyBigBang on Minty Bon Bon

Today I have for you a review of nail art liner brushes from BeautyBigBang. I got 3 super thin ones. Black one is the shortest, but also draws a bit thicker lines than other 2, blue and golden are similar, but I have impression that the last one is the thinnest and I used it for my nail art.

All 3 look good, quality is high and they fit very well in my hand. Everything was fine, I was so excited, I took out my acrylic paints, started doing my nails and... again I realized that my manual skills are terrible 😕😕😕 I was not able to paint straight lines, so please forgive me poor nail art. I believe that people with a bit more talent than mine will be able to create beautiful paintings.

Nail Art Liner Brushes

Matte Nail Polish

Now I will tell you  about base polish. It`s name is Bon Bon and number 58. Brush is average, but application isn`t very easy - it needs 3 layers, it has to be done quickly, without any corrections, otherwise you can damage your manicure. It dries quickly, but just to avoid any surprises I added top coat. I love its color - I was looking at my nails with pleasure 😉 Today I`m wearing it second day and it still looks great, no tip wear.

Article By: Gosia [Pazurki]


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