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Nail Art Kisses / Nail Stamper Scraper Set

With this last manicure I finish this collaboration with BeautyBigbang , in this case the article that is the protagonist of this post is a stamper.

Nail Art Stamper & Scraper

You can choose it in several colors, it's a stamping set and the scratch card, that's great, because often only the stamper comes alone. This echo of plastic and silicone and size is approximately 4mm.
As you can see below the stamper perfectly takes the designs of the plate.
ITEM: Nail Stamper & Scraper SetSKU: J2915TM-3C 

Nail Art Stamper & Scraper
Nail Art Stamper & Scraper

I tell you that for this manicure I paint all the nails of a single color and also one of them will add glitter. Both color and glitter is from an old collection and can not be found. 

To the design I wanted to use I put some white enamel and scrape it with the scraper that came with the stamper, then with that stamper I took the design and quickly passed it to the nail. You have to try to do everything quickly because otherwise there are times when the polish gets dry and it is not passed to the stamper or if it is already in the stamper then it is not fixed on the nail. Finally when I make prints I always apply shine on them.

Nail Art Stamper & Scraper

My opinion:
The card or scraper I liked a lot is not very hard or very soft, the more I had was softer and I like it a lot more because it is a little harder and I find it easier to scrape with it.

The stamper prints very well, the only downside that I see the stamper is that it is egg and you can get dirt in it and you have to be careful not to press too hard because behind the silicone has no stop and we can put it in, It is not either that it is a problem that happens because because it is hollow we can put it back without any problem, I tell you the problem that the stamping machine can have, otherwise great, it does not give any problems when printing.

Another very important point is that it has a cap so that we can cover it, I like much more stampers that bring a lid so you do not stick dirt on top and is more protected by silicone.

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