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Marilyn Monroe Nail Water Decals

I bring you the nail art of the collaboration with  BeautyBigbang , these weeks I have taught you other nail art with Christmas motifs that I teach and another that I have left to teach you is outside of this theme. Although if I have another Christmas manicure with one of these plates that I will show you, but it will be when this collaboration has finished.

In this case the article used are water decals.

Marilyn Monroe water decals

This article is composed of a pack of 48pcs of water decals with many reasons, I specifically used Marilyn Monroe but you have lace, stars, footprints, flowers, hearts, butterflies, birds, ducks, love, etc. . I leave some images and you can see the designs better.

The designs some in white and others in black.

Nail Water Decals
Nail Water Decals
Nail Water Decals
Nail Water Decals

Products used:
Essie pearly White 4

Using this type of product is very easy, we just have to choose the enamel we want to base, I chose a pearly white and wait for it to be dry to add the water decals.

These water decals are very easy to use, we just need a little warm or warm water, mostly because I have verified that the water decal of the cardboard is better off. Some tweezers to make it easier for us to take it, you just have to introduce the cut in the water wait a little to take off the cardboard to catch it and then we can place the water decal on our nail. This type of water decals is normal that we over the sides or ahead I do what I do when I have it with the utensil to separate the cuticles mark that area well and the sides, the front fold it and I remove the leftover with a corretor pencil very carefully, what I also do is press it decal with a sponge so that it is very dry and does not move, because if it is properly fixed to the nail it can move us.

nail water decals

My opinion:
Is that these types of stickers are great especially when you do not give two big drawings. It is true that these are whole you have to be a bit more careful to place them, but I recommend always having this type of water decals at home. Also as you can see these are great because they are a pack of 48 and we have something for everyone.

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