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Jelly Set Stamper and Scraper

today's post is a review! I'll be reviewing a jelly stamper and scraper set from BeauyBigBang. Thank you Maggie for sending me this to review! :)
BeautyBigBang not only has nail art related products, but also makeup products! They deliver worldwide without any shipping costs.

This is the jelly stamper and scraper set I'll review!
The jelly set includes a scraper (really cute) and a stamper with a metal handle, a jelly stamper head and a cap to protect the stamper.

Nail Art Stamper & Scraper
I'll start with the scraper, because it is really cute! Don't you think? The designs are really cute and the theme is Christmas! This scraper is made of plastic and is transparent with white designs (oh, talking about the designs again, so cute!).

It is really flexible.
It measures 8,6cm x 5,4cm (8.38'' x 2.12'').
The stamper is big and has a metal holder, which you can choose the color. The colors are silver, gold, rose gold and blue. Which color do you like? The handle is not to long, it has a height of 4,3cm (1.69''), so it is easy to grip and stamp.

There is a little rim on the top of the holder, to avoid the stamper head going through the it while stamping.

The stamper head comes with a cap to protect the stamper. It is very squishy and as a diameter of 4cm (1.5'') and a height of 1cm (0.39''). It is a large stamper which is good, because it will cover all your nails. It picked up the image form a plastic stamping plate very well! :) I tried on a metal stamping plate, but no avail, I couldn't pick up the image. I can assure you, it wasn't the stamper, because I tried with a different stamper and it didn't pick up either. Maybe because the heater was on and was a light above the plate it dried faster the nail polish so I couldn't pick up the image. Or maybe because I'm a newbie on stamping nail art! (Of course not! I'm amazing at it!) Well, on a plastic stamping plate it worked amazing!

I did this nail art, using this nail art stamper and scraper, which worked really well. The stamping plate was a plastic plate, number DXE-08.I applied a base coat, painted my nails green, and used a Essence stamping polish (white) to stamp the images.
I really do recommend this set, it is really easy to stamp with it. If you are a beginner it is really great for you, it is good, easy to grip, picks up the image really easy and is affordable!

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