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How to Make Fake Nails at Home Quickly and Easily for Beginners

How to Make Fake Nails at Home Quickly and Easily for Beginners

When you envy the design of long nails of others, and you only have short nails, how to have long nails as soon as possible becomes your goal. There are generally two methods, one is to wait for nails to grow, and the other is to use fake nails. False nails are now very common. They may be used when you go to a nail salon and ask for some nail designs. Usually it is not cheap to go to a nail salon. It costs about $ 40-100. Buying fake nails in BeautyBigbang It only costs less than $ 10, and there are discounts. Online shopping is so convenient now, why not? If you are worried that you are a beginner, you will not be nail art design. Then read this article right. This article shows you how to make total fake nails at home quickly and easily.

fake nails

Step 1. Things You Need

You need an acetone-free nail polish remover, some cotton pads, Q-Tips, orange sticks, a pack of nails containing buffer and glue, nail buffer, nail polish, and scissors just in case you need to trim the glue top. These are all available at BeautyBigbang.


Step 2. Grooming

Clean your nails, leave no other nail polish, and keep your nails and cuticles dry.


Step 3. Ready

Pick your favorite fake nails and polish the surface of your natural nails to make them rough. This allows fake nails to attach more effectively. Slowly push the cuticle back with the orange stick.


Step 4. Apply fake nails

Putting your own nail ideas on fake nails, with one more hand than usual, will definitely make you more handy.


Step 5. Installing fake nails

Apply some glue to the fake and real nails. One drop will do, because it will flatten as soon as they touch. Place fake nails above the cuticle. Make sure it aligns properly because we don't want the nails to look curved. Then, press it down onto the nail bed. Hold for 10 seconds to prevent bubbles from entering, then wear the next one.


Step 6. Completed

Use Q-Tip and wipe the cuticle. There is likely to be some glue exuding under the fake nails. You are done!

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