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How to do UV gel Nails Forms

How to do UV gel Nails Forms


This is a tutorial on LED Lamp Gel Nail Form! I will use the beautybigbang nail tool to demonstrate how to change the shape of the nail and increase the length. The exact time depends on the length to be added and the uniformity of the gel spread.


The link to the tool is: 100 Pcs Nail Art Tips Extension Forms Guide French Rose Acrylic UV Gel Nail Tool

  1. Put on your nails.

Take one sticker at a time, then peel off the liner. If the rounded portion does not leave well on the liner, the hole is poked out. Rip the bottom along the dotted line so you can better adjust the table. You should try to make the shape close to your nail tip. Push the tip edges of the form together to keep them in a better curve. Move your finger so you can see where the nail is better placed on the form.

  1. Add a gel.

Apply a UV gel to the nail with a brush and continue to apply it to the form. There is a grid to help you make the nails roughly the same length. If the gel does not apply neatly, don't worry, you will do more layering and then trim the nails. Focus on getting the gel on the edge of the natural nail, so the seam will be strong. The gel is cured in an LED Lamp.


  1. Remove the nails and scrub the nails with a cleanser and then knead them into a shape.

As you can see on the picture, the edges at this point look strange! Define the shape you want.

  1. Trim nails and clean

Apply one or two layers to the nail to reinforce the nail. Fill in the gaps you might find. If you have some bumpy or spilled gels, you can remove them. Check the length and shape of the nail. If the edge of the gel is too thick, it can be rubbed off.

For more Nail stamping style, you can browse it!





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