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Holographic Nail Polish & Nail Decoration Review

Hey lovelies! I’m back at ya with another review! A couple of weeks ago, Maggie at BeautyBigBang contacted me to review some products of my choice! BeautyBigBang is a global online retailer for all things beauty (cosmetics, nails, hair, health care, etc). Also, they offer free shipping worldwide for orders that contain more than one item. Delivery time takes 2-4 weeks. 

I chose a holographic nail polish, dried flowers, and nail glitter to review. I received them this week and had a lot of fun trying them out. So let’s get into the swatches and reviews!

Purple Black Holographic Nail Polish (SKU:J2448-8C)

Holographic Nail Polish

Description: A purple-black holographic nail polish. It is 6ml.

Application: Smooth formula, not streaky, and easy to use brush.

Opacity: 2 coats

Price: $5.99 USD

Overall thoughts: I freaking love this nail polish! Y’all know that I’m all about the holo (that’s why it’s in my username!), and this nail polish is packed with it! It is a linear holo, which I love even more. It is described as a purple-black, but it looks more like a navy blue in person to me; still gorgeous regardless.

Round Nail Glitter Thin Sequins (SKU:J1329-3C)

Round Nail Glitter Thin Sequins

Description: There’s 5 different color arrangements to choose from. They are about 1.5mm-3mm.

Application: After applying base coat and base color, I wet the tip of an orange stick to successfully pick up each glitter. I like to place the glitters while the top coat is wet. Then, seal it with top coat.

Price: $1.59 USD

Overall thoughts: Easy to use. Doesn’t take long to apply. I placed glitter on all of my nails in about 10-12mins. I really like how shiny they are and I like that they come in different sizes. My only warning is that they can pop off easily if you don’t use at least 2 coats of top coat. I finished this mani around 9pm on Wednesday night and I usually use 2 coats of top coat just for extra protection, but I only used one coat of top coat this time because I was gonna remove this mani on Thursday night. However, I woke up on Thursday morning around 7am and noticed that 2-3 glitters on each nail had popped off. I decided to apply another coat of top coat and didn’t have any more glitter pop off after that.

Dried Flower for Nail Art (SKU:J2475)

dried flower nail art

Description: These come in multiple random colors and are approximately 5mm-7mm. You get 12 different colors in each wheel and 2-3 flowers of each color.

Application: After applying base coat and base color, use tweezers to pick up flowers. I like to apply the flowers to my nails while the top coat is still wet. Then, seal it in with top coat.

Price: $3.99 USD

Overall thoughts: Easy to use. They’re really beautiful as well and I love that you get a variety of colors. My advice is to be very careful while placing these because you don’t want the flower petals to fold; especially not on wet top coat. So it took me about 15 mins just to do those 2 nails. One issue I had was with the yellow flowers. They’re not as flat as the other flowers; even with 2 coats of top coat. When something isn’t flat on your nail, the top coat doesn’t get to seal every nook and cranny. Therefore, when I oiled my cuticles later, the oil was able to penetrate one side of the flower and made it look dull and not as pretty as it was before. So if you come across any flowers that aren’t flat, try to flatten them out before applying them.

That is all for today lovelies! You can also get more nail art supplies here!

Article By: Lala





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