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Gothic Holography Nails

I like to learn new gadgets for nail design. More than a year ago, all kinds of vortices were unprecedentedly popular. The secrets of their use on conventional varnishes are numerous. Something I will share.

I'll start with the basics. The most effective is black color. On my little finger is my favorite black and silver sand Gade - Black sugar . Two layers lay down easily, dried quickly. Finish rough, as well as it is necessary to sand. On the rest one layer of Masuracream "Base Obsidian". Distributed evenly, dries quickly, leaving a pleasant gloss. 

I now have a silver holographic flakes with large particles BeautyBigBang J2425 (TB 080203) . A can of 14 grams. With different wipes I work not the first time. For their better distribution, the surface must be slightly sticky. In this case, it is necessary to apply on a non-dried lacquer or on a low top. I used the first option. She applied a special foam, which comes in the kit. She made pathetic movements. On the index nail covered completely, on the middle and nameless stencil. If you glue the stencil, then it should be placed on a completely dried coating, and already apply top, then rub in it. 

The stencil was easy to shoot. However, for the future I'll take into account that it's better to use stencils with large lines for large factions, so that the figure is clear. I covered the design of the saw-off base Dance Legend . She did not pull anything and did not lubricate. The coating is one-piece. After drying, you can apply an ordinary top, but I did not do it. Peel-off base coat well performed the role of top. 

Elegant holographic overflows. 

Excellent addition to the black substrate.

Manicure turned out bright and graceful. Wore it two days. Nothing happened to him. Removed coverings in a pristine form of the usual WRTL. There are no traces left.

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