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Clear Silicone Makeup Sponge Review

Clear Silicone Makeup Sponge
After beauty blender, the makeup applicator which broke the internet for few days was the Silicon Makeup Sponge .. You might have seen this applicator on YouTube...  Silicon sponge is not a kind of sponge practically but a soft sticky kind applicator . I use beauty blender for applying base makeup and now time to try this new member.. I will write a comparison post on beauty blender and silicon sponge applicator...  So let's get into the post.. 

PRICE - 1.59$
I got this silicon makeup applicator from along with few other stuffs.. There are tear drop shape and rectangular shape silicon sponges available and I got the rectangular one...  There are also printed and regular, two kind designs available and I choose the regular one...  Initially I was not sure regarding it's application ... Let's see how much I liked it so far and should I replace this with my beauty blender or not... 
Silicone Makeup Sponge
The shape and size of the Silicon makeup sponge is a bit awkward for me (6.5cm. long and 4cm. wide) ... It's flat in shape and a little longer in size hence not comfortable to hold while blending base makeup.  The sponge is really soft and flexible..  It has rubbery kind texture and you have to just dab dab and dab to blend the base makeup properly...
Clear Silicone Makeup Sponge
It is not a sponge in paratically, hence no absorption and you will required less quantity product where as through beauty blender we need a little extra product . For applying through this silicon sponge I take my foundation and put dots on face and dab with this silicon applicator till I get the desired finish .. It takes loads of efforts than the beauty blender to blend foundation properly to give a natural coverage... Here I have shared my pic with foundation on...  One side face blended with beauty blender and the other side with silicon makeup sponge.. And you can notice the the side with beauty blender has blended perfectly and the side with silicon sponge has not blended well... 
I think the silicon makeup sponge will work well with cream or thick foundations...

When it comes to cleaning  the silicon sponge is a winner as it hardly takes time to clean.. Just wipe up the product and wash under running water and towel dry and done.. While cleaning the beauty blender is a task... 
Well, overall I don't like the finishing with silicon makeup sponge and I don't think I am going replace this silicon makeup sponge with my beauty blender...

Have you tried silicon makeup sponge ? How was your experience ?
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