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Eye Makeup Inspiration


Hello my lovely licornes ~ I wasn´t at work today because of the small amount of actual work for us part-timers, so I had a plenty of time to think about a new eye makeup inspiration. When I was thinking about the makeup´s concept I decided to use my new products from Beautybigbang.com which I got a few weeks ago. I ordered two creamy eyeshadows in a blue and pink colour, rhinestones for a nail art and a pink eyeshadow pencil. In the end it became a kind of an alien makeup which a named CHroMa X. I usually give names to my makeup creations by a feeling, by something which come on my mind firstly :)

* provided for a review

On the each side of the face I used a different colour. Blue one I used on a left one and pink one I used for a right one. I made a tear or a drop shape which end on a lower part of a jawline. In the inner corners of the eyes, above the eyebrows, on cheeks and on the each side of a mouth I placed the rhinestones with a holographic effect.

Glitter gel eyeshadows


Glitter gel eyeshadows


Glitter gel eyeshadow have a creamy consistency thanks to which are a bit thicker. Spreading them is really easy and when applying they provide a light cooling effect. They have a fine sweet scent, glitters in themselves and they also provide a great mettalic effect. Pigmentation is amazing, but holding time isn´t at all. Because of the fact they´re the creamy ones, I also fixed them with an eyeshadow and I used a base underneath too. But they kept stamping on the upper lid and created empty spots in a crease. I tried to use another layer of the eyeshadow but it didn´t help at all. I´m really not satisfied with them. Small applicator is included in a packaging.

Glitter Gel Eyeshadow


But I have to admit that they look really pretty!

Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Makeup Cosmetic Pigment Eye Shadow


Glitter Gel Eyeshadow Cream Makeup Cosmetic Pigment Eye Shadow


Another product included in the package was a shimmer eyeshadow pencil which I chose in a pink colour. Even in this case I was expecting a bit too much of it. Colour is a pretty one but pigmentation is very poor. I also tried to re-apply it a few times but nothing changed. In the end this eyeshadow is the same as the ones above - after a while it started to stamp on the upper lid and a few empty spots appeared again. Pencil doesn´t have any scent and it provides a fine shine.

Smooth Eyeshadow Pencil Waterproof Shimmer Eyeliner


The last product I ordered are the clear rhinestones with a holographic effect. Even I don´t use a nail polish, especially on my fingernails, I plan to use them for my future makeup creations. Rhinestone nail arts can be pretty amazing, but it´s nothing for me. On the other side I´m glad I have them because you never know when they will be handy :)


crystal rhinestones with a holographic effect


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