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BeautyBigBang Chameleon Flakes Review

chameleon flakes
Hey, how's your weekend? It was a bit stormy yesterday and luckily, although the storm lasted almost the whole night there wasn't any craze. Today it rained a bit in the morning but now the sky is clear and beautiful.
Probably some of you have noticed that in today's post my nails are not the most important (I'll show them in few days),  my best freind's nails rule today - you know them well from my blog, right? :)
chameleon flakes
Kate decided for the gel polish again - I couldn't refuse :) The nails you can see today were done a few days ago. I'll show you our previous work as soon as possible!

This time Katarzyna surprised me texting that she wants some flowery design on her nails! You should know that Kasia never chooses flowers as a happened only once when I managed to convince her...

chameleon flakes

I didn't even have to think which flowers to do - just as Kasia saw my nails she already knew that she wants hibiscus flower on her nails. Everything clear from the very beginning - I like it!

If we talk about colours, the chocie wasn't too difficult because of one simple reason...I don't have too many gel polishes, only few colours - almost all of them are pretty strange. We decided on our favourite fuchsia.
chameleon flakes
The main colour is mardi gras - beautiful magenta...I have no idea why it looks like there were not enough coats on polish on the nails, but you have to believe me there weren't any!

Light pink is  - a bit forgotten polish, one of the first gel polishes in my collection, bought almost 4 years ago -> I slightly outwent the UV gel nail polish craze hahah :) I have the intuition :P

Gel polishes were just introduced to the market then and I was so curious..Since then there have been so many brands....thermal nail polish, no wipe top coat and other wonders that we couldn't even dream of some time ago.

chameleon flakes

The hibiscus pattern comes from BPS plate , which was also used in my previous post. As you can see, this plate is full of flowers but I usually choose roses and hibiscus flowers :)

As always I stamped with B. a dark knight , I also used clear jelly stamper to place the pattern well on Kasia's nails...there are few patterns and her nails are so petite ♥

According to what I've written in the title, this post is a review of one of the products that I received within my new cooperation  with BeautyBigBang - chameleon flakes which are really in recently.
chameleon flakes
Originally I wanted to use these chameleon flakes on a regular, black nail polish (I'll probably do it soon) but as the opportunity occured, I just had to try it on a gel polish, that's obvious!<

The chameleon nail powder would look better on black, but in our humble opinion they looked good on fuchsia too. At least we liked the look and that's the most important thing :)
chameleon flakes
The powder itself is packed in a small, simple box with a brand name on the top. It contains 2 grams of flakes. We also get an eyeshadow stick to apply flakes onto nails.

Everything is also secured with a ziplock bag in case someone forgets to close the box :) You can find 12 colours of flakes in the shop offer...I'm not sure which of them is mine...I guess 12A.

The application is really easy, like all the other powders. We considered 2 ways of doing it. One of them was applying only in some places on the nail to make particular flakes visible, the other way was to rub them. We chose the second option.

Article By: Eliza


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