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Beauty BigBang Silicone Soak Off Caps

Today I want to show you another product that I have had the pleasure of trying on the BeautyBigBang website .  I'm going to teach today's product:

Soak Off Cap Clips

Silicone Soak Off Cap Clips to remove our nails.
- Contains 5 units.
- Measures: 3.8 x 2.3 cm.
- You can find them in 5 different colors: Black, white, purple, fuchsia and pink.
- Its price is 3.83 €
- You can find them as " Soak Off Cap Clips " SKU: J1327-PK
I really wanted to try these thimbles to remove my nails when I wear dark colors that usually stain my fingers and cuticles, when I use glazes with glitter that cost a lot to remove or even permanent manicures. They are all the same size but being of soft silicone they adapt perfectly to the size of our finger.
Soak Off Cap Clips
On the back of the cardboard where they came they explain how to use them, I do it in a similar way but without folding the thimble when I'm going to color it, I better explain it to you in pictures that a picture is worth a thousand words:
  • Step 1: Nail painted with glitter details.
  • Step 2: Cut a cotton disk into 4 pieces with the help of scissors.
  • Step 3: Mojo in nail polish remover one of the triangles and place it on top of my nail.
  • Step 4: I gently press the sides of the thimble so that it opens in a round manner and I insert it into my finger trying not to shake the triangle that I have previously placed and let it act for 10 minutes. 
  • Step 5: Remove the thimble with care not to drag the cotton.
  • Step 6: I remove the cotton by dragging it out so that I can take away all the remains of the enamel.
  • Step 7: This is how the cotton disk would look.

Soak Off Cap Clips

I did the test with the nail manicure No. 412 that was composed of glitter enamel on 3 of the nails and with glitter details on another. As you can see in step 7 the design looks perfectly in the removed triangle.
This is how my nails were once the thimbles were removed, as you can see small particles of glitter are loose, you just have to pass a clean cotton through all the nails and ready. 
What I like about these thimbles is that you do not have to exert pressure, or scrub, or anything, just place, let act, remove and clean up possible debris. To say also that in this particular manicure I left them 10 minutes but there will be manicures that with less time will be removed without problem. They recommend to wash them after use and the good thing they have is that you can take things with them put without problems!
And little more to say, since they arrived at home I have used them to remove several of my manicures and I am very happy because they have not been damaged or anything. I do not rule out doing another 5 more to place them in both hands at once. I hope you liked it, kisses!
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