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Appreciation of holographic nail polish in different colors

Appreciation of holographic nail polish in different colors


Holographic nails are one of the most popular nail polish methods. Many women like holographic nails. It looks very fashionable, super beautiful, and easy to use. Many different colors exude different charms.


What is holographic nail polish?

Holographic nail polish is not much different from ordinary nail polish. Holographic nail polish adds a pigment to the nail polish that refracts light well, giving it holographic properties.


Holographic polishing agents are also available in a variety of different varieties. For example, a dispersing polishing agent, which forms an uneven rainbow color, will make you feel an uneven beauty. For example, linear holographic pigments are more rare and coveted, and they refract light in a uniform or linear rainbow. Different holographic polishing agents also have different sizes of glittering sheets.


Another type of holographic nail polish is simply to lay dry holographic powder on existing nail polish, which will change patterns as you create.


Beautybigbang blue holographic nails


There are chrome nails, blue holographic nails, and then these gorgeous nails, all of which belong to you. Compared to the nail itself, the glittering nail art at the bottom of each nail is more eye-catching. Either way, they have caught our attention!


Beautybigbang yellow holographic nails


Try some of their Chameleon Nail Powder Holographic Flake. colour 06 is a light yellow. It’s also packed with lots of little coloured holographic flakes! The holographic flakes themselves are pretty beautiful. Generally, you need to use gel polish to successfully apply these powders,there nails looked perfect, so I decided to try it too.


Beautybigbang black holographic nails


No matter what the occasion, if you like clean, simple lines and bright classic colors, then these are your nails! The black holographic nail polish used in this glittering nail design is a bit lower than some other nail polishes, so when the light is just right on them, there is only a trace of the usual luster.


For more Nail stamping style, you can browse it!



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