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8 things you need to know about thermal nail polish

8 things you need to know about thermal nail polish


Thermal nail polish is something that can change temperature as temperature changes. It sounds very cool, so think about it. Then let me tell you about 8 things you need to pay attention to when buying and using Thermal nail polish.



  1. Buying a product requires buying a trusted brand


I can't guarantee the outstanding performance of brands like Sally Hansen or OPI. These brands are not good at thermal nail polish. They tend to present their own versions for each trend and become a leader in all walks of life, rather than mastering everything. Therefore, I recommend BeautyBigbang, a brand with high cost performance. I think Beautybigbang is a very trustworthy brand.

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  1. Choose the color you like, including the appearance after the temperature change


Thermal nail polish will change color depending on your body temperature and your surroundings. So before buying, make sure you like all the possible colors on your nails. You may not regret it because you have not considered all the possibilities.


  1. You can use them with a base coat and top coat


Many nail products cannot be used normally with primers and/or topcoats. Fortunately, even the thickest primers and topcoats, BeautyBigBang's thermal nail polish works well. So just buy it as before.


  1. The color after the first use is not the dried color


When you receive something, the product may not look like the color of the ad. But don't worry, once you've finished painting, that's the color you want.


  1. Wait a little more patiently


Do not test the changeability of cold water or hot water immediately after applying the thermal nail polish. After all, good things need to be proven by time. When the topcoat is completely dry and then the polishing agent is applied, it will bring its thermal properties to life, and you will see different beautiful nails.


  1. Use as much of the polishing agent as possible in the bottle


Unfortunately, every product has its shelf life. The longer it is stored, the harder it is to ensure the effect of thermal nail polish. Therefore, use thermal nail polish.


  1. You can use multiple polishes to make your nails look opaque.


Adding multiple layers of thermal polishing agent does not affect its color change performance at all.


  1. Thermal nail polish is worth trying


BeautyBigBang's product quality is quite good. When you wash your hands with cold water or enter the warm bathtub, you will find more fun.


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