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6 Good Tips On How To Protect Your Nails

6 Good Tips On How To Protect Your Nails

Pretty nail art will be liked by everyone, and they all want to get it. But good-looking nail art generally requires good nails as a foundation. Now I offer 6 suggestions on how to protect my nails for your reference.

Must be manicure

It is also important to have a manicure (even a short nail) for a while. Modified nails will make your nails look great. For beautiful, healthy nails, the most important thing is to start with the proper nail trimming so that the nails are the same length and shape, and the skin is modified and pushed back.

Don’t bite your nails or use it as a tool

This will make the nails fragile and vulnerable. For the beautiful nail art, please don't bite your nails again, and biting your nails is also an unsanitary habit.

Polished nails

Try to polish your nails to get a healthy glow that won't fall off! Use a buffer to shape the nails, remove wrinkles, smooth the surface of the nails, and make the nails more shiny without the need for polishing.

Don't trim your nails with your nails

The more scientific way to trim nails is to nail the nails from one corner to the center.

Beware of chemicals around your nails

Beware of irritating chemicals that expose your nails to household cleaners or nail products for extended periods of time. In order to avoid damage to the nails, there are many natural chemical-free products.

Don’t peel off old nail polish

Forcibly peeling off old nail polish can easily irritate the nail bed and cause damage. The simple method is to apply a very thin coating of the polish and dry it between the layers so that the polish does not coalesce and flake off.

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