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5 Top Stamping Nail Polishes Kits of 2019

5 Top Stamping Nail Polishes Kits of 2019


A simple manicure process has begun. Now stamping Nail polishing is the most convenient and easy-to-use manicure method.


From bold patterns to the most complex designs of the entire nail and when published on Instagram, they can easily be reproduced with the right tools. If you want a perfect nail design, you can to make your own nail art here.


The basic tools are:

  • Nail Stamping Plates
  • Nail Stamping Polish
  • Clear Nail Stamp


Of course, there are a variety of other accessories that will make your work smoother and easier, but these three are the most basic accessories. Without them, you will not be able to complete your nail plan.


First, perfectly prepare your nails and organize the kit, and apply a thin embossed wax to the selected stamp. Scrape off the excess nail polish on the nail

Next, you need to gently roll the stamp onto the image. For the polishing agent on the image, you can choose to use a squeegee to gently remove it.

Finally, paste the picture on the stamp onto the nail of your choice, the speed needs to be faster, otherwise the polish is likely to become so dry that your image can not be copied to the nail.


  1. Ejiubas Double-Sided Flower Nail Stamping Plates



These designs are simply beautiful-delicate acne and petals make your nails a work of art. Even in the most subtle positions, the disc has a very good corrosive effect, giving clear and crisp images with sharp lines. However, the blue plastic cover is difficult to remove at once and needs some improvement.


  1. BeautyBigBang Summer Beach Holiday Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Mermaid



This kit has a variety of summer designs – beach elements, mermaid, ice cream, etc., and contains more than 20 plates. The quality of the Beautybigbang is very good, its seal can be easily and cleanly transferred to the nails, and the effect is very good. Solid color nail polish is recommended for background color.


  1. Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates Set



This is an excellent toolkit. A beautifully packaged design is also good. Includes storage pockets and cute leather case. The stamps are of good quality and the plates are made of high quality stainless steel. This kit is easier to use and the design is perfectly transferable. But some boards may be weak


  1. PUEEN Nail Art Stamp Collection


There are a total of 144 designs to choose from, and a beautiful storage box. The stamps processed by the sanding method can smoothly transfer the stamps to the nails. The design is too many to pick and see, and some designs are compared. Similar, but does not affect the experience.


  1. Beauty Leader 10 Nail Plates



The design in this kit is cute, the squeegee in the tool is relatively strong and easy to use. The effect of the stamp on the nail is very good. Some stamps have sharp edges and need to be used with care.


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