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12 Cups Body Cupping Set Treatment Device

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Quantity: 1 Set
Package includes:
1x cupping pull cylinder
1x magnetic interface
1x connecting tube
2x 6.6cm(Inner diameter) Cups
2x 5.8cm(Inner diameter) Cups
2x 5.0cm(Inner diameter) Cups
2x 4.4cm(Inner diameter) Cups
2x 3.4cm(Inner diameter) Cups
2x 3.0cm(Inner diameter) Cups
1 User's Manual


Package includes:

12 Pcs Cups



Brand new and high quality
Traditonal Chinese treatment
Good for health Regimen
1, to select the appropriate position when cupping and muscle plump, smooth skin, no hair site, according to
Cupping desired location, select a different size cans to prevent escapes or select arcuate tank.
2. Do not move the jar after pulling on the position in the use of multi-cupping therapy, cupping and cupping should be maintained between a certain distance, the arrangement should not be too close.
3, high fever, coma, convulsions and other acute, critically ill patients should be clearly diagnose the illness to avoid delays in the rescue treatment.
4, after pulling the tank shall ask the patient feel how, if fever, tight, breath out, warm and comfortable feeling are normal reactions. If the patient feels tight burning. Uncomfortable suction pulling force may be too large or inappropriate here cupping, or use a small cupping.
5, cupping, warm from the tank should be kept indoors, to avoid the draft, to prevent the cold.


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