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Wonderful Items from BeautyBigBang

Beautybigbang has sent me wonderful items to review! It's my first time to try their products, so I'm really excited.

Nail Polish Holder Ring

Nail Polish Holder

Its made of silicon rubber and comes in three different colors. I chose pink for my review. 

It's undeniably cute!

The Nail Polish Holder Ring fits on my fingers just right, and you don't have to worry because it's very flexible.

The only thing you have to know upon using this is you have to change your normal hand position to get a view of your nails. Other than that, paint your nails like you normally would.

One of the pros, I noticed how it also put a weight on my hand and actually prevented it from accidental movements that can happen. I'm sure clumsy folks like me can relate to this.. lol 

OK, so you have painted your left hand. What's next? 
Once you have wet polish on, the challenge is to switch it on to your second hand. Good thing because of it's soft and flexible silicon material, it's not entirely a problem unless of course you would hold it like your nails are dry!

On my Youtube video, I did a demo with different brands and shapes of nail polish bottles to see if it still holds. What happens next, you should watch my video review!

Overall, this is a clever product and very useful especially those who don't hve a designated area for painting their nails. 

Super handy to fit in your bag and bring while on travel and you want to get your nails done.

Nail Art Palette Ring

Nail Art Palette Ring

If you've been a following my social media accounts, you'd know that I love to do anything floral. One-stroke techniques and roses.. which requires you to blend, blend, blend!

This nail tool from Beautybigbang is a miniature palette that is made of durable stainless steel to provide the perfect surface to mix, blend and layout all of the colors for your nail art. 

Choose to wear it on whatever finger is most comfortable and is adjustable to fit perfectly. 

I took a small amount of the colors that I'll use for my one-stroke design. And you can see there how I could easily reach the polish unlike what I normally do with a separate color tray.

This ring allows you to hold and mix your choice of polish, gel polish, gels and paint. Very convenient for when you are painting a detailed design.The edges doesn't have any sharp edge, so it's very safe to use right after opening it from the package. The stainless steel ensures it won't absorb your product and you never have to worry about rust. It can be washed by water, or nail polish remover and it's that easy. Keep it well, and use it for life! How's that? 😊

Peel Off Liquid Tape

Peel Off Liquid Latex

It comes in a 6ml bottle and 2 colors are available which is pink and white.When you open it up, this is how it looks like inside.Now I must warn you that it has a strong latex smell.

So I'm just going to apply it around my cuticle area generously to make sure that it peels off in one piece. 

Give it some time to dry, around 2 minutes. 
Remember the strong smell of latex I said earlier? Well it's surprisingly gone now.

So I decided to do a gradient+stamping design to show how reliable and convenient it is to use a liquid tape.

After I'm done with my design, I effortlessly peeled it off with my fingers, but of course you can always use tweezers. But since I'm only doing my mani for review, I just used my fingers.

I left my pinky finger without the liquid latex, and it's painful to look at knowing you have to do some rough scrubbing and you can also risk ruining your design after, believe me.

Overall, I would say that aside from the strong latex smell which fades over time I never had any issue with using it. It's very helpful in speeding up the cleanup process and it's a must have for all nail art enthusiasts.

Silver Mirror Effect Nail Powder

Mirror Effect Nail Powder

though I like to call it as flakies because of its size. The package comes in a .2g of flakies inside and also comes with an eyeshadow applicator.

So to test it out I made pink and white smoosh design which I like to call,strawberries and cream. 🍓

After that, I applies a top coat to blend in my smoosh and this is the time when it's best to applythe flakies while they're still quite sticky.  Since I am only doing a subtle application, I used a fan brush dipped just right to get enough flakies.

When you're happy with the design, seal it with a uv top coat and let dry for a few minutes. I did my best to take a shot outdoors so it's shine will be visible because an indoor shot just wouldn't give this wonderful flakies justice. 

It's best to use the flakies under a paper towel or any covered surface because they tend to go everywhere although they're much easier to clean up than normal nail art powders.

This flakies comes in Gold and Silver.

Champagne Nail Polish
They come in 6ml bottles which comes in a set.One is the base coat and one is the chrome nail polish. I chose this color because it flatters my skin tone and also matches well with my sandals. 😊

What's exciting is it's my first time to try this kind of polish!

The base coat is like a matte polish with a cloudy and milky-looking consistency. I guess this is to create a flawless base for the nails because chromes can highlight imperfections.

Apply it thoroughly and give it time to dry about 5 minutes since it's thicker than your normal base coat.

This is what the nail polish looks like, and wow! It's so amazing even more with a macro shot. It needs to be shaken well before using.

With the thin formula, I think it's best to be safe and apply liquid tape over my cuticles to avoid a messy cleanup.

A little goes a long way with this polish, so you only need a small amount on your brush. I highly recommend doing straight strokes in one direction to get better results.

Look at that shine! 

I was happy with my first coat, and I never want to overdo it so I peeled off my liquid latex and did a quick cleanup with a cotton dipped in acteone.

Applying a UV top coat will only dull it's shine so I didn't bother to try.

I give this chrome nail polish a two thumbs up for the single application and being able to deliver the perfect chrome finish.

However, it lasted on a maximum of two days so I suggest to wear it on special occasions when you want a quick but fabulous manicure. You can find any other nail art supplies here.

Article By: justineisms






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