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Tips For Nail Care You May Not Know

Tips For Nail Care You May Not Know

If you often do facial and skin care, why not try nail care? Healthy nails and unhealthy nails directly show that you may have some problems. You can go to a nail salon near your home for treatment, but it is expensive. So we have collected some tips for nail care that you may not know yet, to answer your questions.

  • Wash your hands before applying nail polish

If you have been to a nail salon, you will find that professional nail technicians will apply a wax remover to the nails before applying them, even if you have not applied nail polish. That's because your nails contain natural oils, so if you are doing nail care at home, you need to wash your hands with soap to remove the oil left on your nails.

  • The right way to use a nail file

In addition to using nail clippers to trim your nails, the most commonly used is a nail file. I guess you may be using the nail file incorrectly. The proper way to use a nail file is to move the file gently from one side edge to the other side of the nail and then pull it towards the middle.

  • It is best not to peel off the cuticle

The cuticle is an effective way to protect your nails from water and breed bacteria, so excessive peeling of the cuticle is not recommended.

  • Use Base Coat

If you want healthy nails, long nails, applying a base coat is very important. It can fill the space between the nails and make the nails harder and less prone to cracking.

  • Please wait patiently for drying between nail polishes

If you are impatient, apply the next coat of nail polish without waiting for it to dry. The solvent in the nail polish does not fully evaporate, which may make the nail design different from what you think, and the durability of the nail will be shortened. Studies have shown that the longer you wait between coats, the more you can maintain your complexion.

  • Use top coat

Sometimes we may be in a hurry, or we want to be lazy and have no way to finish, then doing so will cause your nail style to not last long.


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