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The Most Complete Tutorial For Ombre Nails

The Most Complete Tutorial For Ombre Nails

Ombre nails is one of the hot nail design trends that has finally become popular recently. When you are looking for some fresh nail ideas, we suggest you try Ombre nail polish. If you want to see more Ombre nail design styles, I recommend reading this article: 20+ Glam Ideas For Ombre Nail Designs.

Ombre nail polish

What is Ombre nails

The word Ombre comes from French and means "shadow or gradient." As the name suggests, it is to make your nails produce gradient colors to achieve very amazing results.

ombre nail design

How to make Ombre nails at home

For starters, you should first clean your nails. Make sure to remove all nail polish and trim your nails to the length and shape you want, such as almond shapes, oval shapes, long nails, short nails or stiletto. Use good nail tools to ensure that any loose ends and debris are eliminated. Next, you should apply a clear polish to each nail. There are two uses for this, one is to prevent the nails from being stained by the polish. The second is to reduce the chance of nail polish cracking, which can increase the service life of nail designs.

It's time to start the ombre project with the lightest color or white finish. White will help colors appear much brighter. If you choose to use only the lightest colors in the gradient palette, the effect will have a softer look. Apply background color to all nails. If you are taking an opaque primer, you should first apply two base coats and then dry it before applying a second coat. It is also important to use two thin coatings instead of one thick coating to speed up the drying process.

 Matte Ombre nail design

Next, on the makeup sponge, draw other colors for your gradient effect with horizontal lines next to each other. Make sure to apply two to three coats of sponge to the area as wide as your nails so that the entire nail is covered. Then, you just nail the nails two or three times until the gradient effect suits your look. Make sure to roll the sponge down to cover the sides of your nails. Repeat this process for all nails and allow enough time for them to dry completely.


Finally, you will apply a bright finish to your nails. Two layers work better than one to ensure that you get a smooth surface to cover the sponge. Use Q-tip to clean the area around your nails to create a clean, professional looking job.

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