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The "Earth Tone Eyeshadow Palette" pallet and the thermal lipstick at

Hello, girls! How are you? A few weeks ago I met a very interesting online store, a true paradise for all lovers of makeup, cosmetics and beauty. The store in question is called BEAUTY BIGBANG and is a Chinese store, but you will not find there any counterfeit or other products that look suspiciously like those of famous brands. All their products are original and are really of good quality. The store offers a wide range of trend beauty products at the best price, along with a professional service.

BEAUTY BIGBANG is an online store that sends its products to all the countries of the world and above the shipping costs are free. As the products come from China, the shipment can take even 20-28 days, although my order has arrived in just 2 weeks. If you prefer, you can opt for express delivery, but in this case you have to pay 4 $ of shipping costs. In this online store we can find everything related to beauty, especially a wide variety of products for makeup, but also cosmetics, products for nails, hair and even several beauty gadgets. Here I leave the website of the store, your Facebook and your Instagram  if you want to browse and see all their offers.

By the way, I have a nice palette and a very curious lipstick. I will present them in this post.

The palette is called Earth Tone Eyeshadow Palette " and is from the FOCALLURE brand . It is a palette of nine great eyeshadow shadows, which is available in five color combinations and I have chosen it in tone # 5 . It is a palette of reddish neutral shadows, which lately are so fashionable.

With this pallet we can create a lot of pretty, unique, flattering and even glamorous looks. As for the shadows, we have 4 shades with brightness, which provide a beautiful light effect, and 5 matte shadows of a pure and intense finish. The manufacturer promises us that this is long-lasting shadows, which can take up to 8 hours without retouching and I can confirm that it is true, although I clarify that I use them (like all the other shadows I have) with a prebase for shadows.

The formula of the shadows is soft and silky. Shadows fade very well without losing the intensity of color and are not dusty. Apply smoothly and in an easy and uniform way. His pigmentation is really very good. As you can see in the image below, even matte shadows pigment very well and that's why they offer us a vibrant and attractive effect.

Here I leave you the composition of these shadows.

The pallet is compact and closes very well. That's why it seems ideal to take it on a trip or even to have it always at hand in our bag. It is 9g, so each shadow is 1g. The product expires in 24 months after opening and costs 5.85 euros.

And here I leave you a very simple and quick look that I have made with this palette. To create it I used the second and third shadows of the first row, the first and third shadows of the second row and the first and second shadows of the third row. 

And the other product that I have from BEAUTY BIGBANG is a very curious and original lipstick from the HENG FANG brand , and it has a very long name: " Jelly Flower Lipstick Thermal Color Changing Waterproof Lip Balm " 

It is a "magic" lipstick, whose color changes depending on the temperature of the lips, so with this product we can all get our exclusive color. The color appears on the lips after about 10 seconds and against more layers we apply, the more intense it becomes. Actually, this product is more a lip balm with color than a lipstick, since the color it provides is quite discreet. Instead, it is very moisturizing and nourishing. Its texture is soft and silky. The good thing is that it is water resistant. In addition, it dyes the lip, so its effect is really long lasting.

By the way, this product is available in 3 colors and stands out for having a real flower embedded inside the bar. Mine is number 3 and it is called "Black Chrysanthemum" , although inside it has a little red flower. ;-) The bar is translucent and has a delicate pink color. It is supposed that these lipsticks have 3 flavors: peach, grape and lemon, but I have not yet guessed which is the flavor of mine. ;-) The product contains aloe vera, carotene, vitamin E, candelilla wax, jojoba oil and squalene. These natural ingredients provide a pleasant smell to the product and moisturize the lips, preventing them from drying out. 

It is necessary to add that this product costs 3.34 euros. By the way, comment that with the code JA10 you get a 10% discount on all your purchases at BEAUTY BIGBANG.

And this is all for today, girls. Did you know the BEAUTYBIGBANG online store? What do you think about the palette and the lipstick? 



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