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Rumors About The Usual Little Knowledge Of Nail Art

Rumors About The Usual Little Knowledge Of Nail Art

We have all heard of some generally accepted facts about nails.Some false rumors have been widely accepted. So how do you judge right and wrong? In this article, we will introduce you to some common little things about nail art, continue reading and test your nail knowledge.


False: White spots on your nails indicate a lack of calcium in your body.

In fact, there is only a small amount of calcium in the nails. Increasing calcium intake does not change its appearance. The white spots you may find on your nails are cells that have not been compressed due to some kind of trauma.


False: It is recommended to trim the cuticles.

Although you can safely push the cuticle back gently, it is not recommended to cut it off. It is difficult to cut the epidermis without actually destroying the live skin that protects the nails. To avoid infection and irritation, it is best to avoid cutting the cuticle completely.


False: Nail polish makes nails grow faster.

Although nail polish protects and strengthens nails, it does not actually help nails grow. Local treatment does not change the growth rate of the nails. However, you can use these treatments to keep your nails healthy and maintain good growth.


False: There is no difference between nail polish brands.

When applying nail polish formulas, you may not see their differences. However, what matters is the ingredients in the nail polish. Many brands use harmful ingredients that may be toxic to your body and damage your nails. So it is recommended to use BeautyBigBang's nail polish.

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