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Review of Cosmetic Brushes Set

A review today are some of the items I received from the BeautyBigBang store. I believe that many already know, but for those who do not know the store sells great variety of accessories and products for hair, nails, makeup, among others. Every thing beautiful <3

This shop is international and it takes a while to arrive, as usual, and everything comes very well packaged and protected. 

These are the items I received:

Cosmetic Brushes Set


  • Cosmetic Brushes Set (for face and eyes)
  • Mirror Pigment for nails color: rose gold
  • Chrome Flakes / Glitter for nails color: gold

  • So let's start talking about the brushes, I was very surprised by their quality, they are super soft, do not fall bristles so easily, easy to wash, and in that kit has enough option to do an incredible makeup, not to mention how beautiful it is too huh?
    Cosmetic Brushes Set
    These brushes are very  "famous" for remembering the colors of the unicorn and serve even as decoration object, to leave them on top of the dressing table, it will sure make the environment even sweeter. 

    The handle of the brushes is very sturdy, easy to handle and has a great finish. What I also noticed that at the time of washing them does not leave as many bristles (as I said above), then it tends to last a little longer, although the brushes do not spoil very easily and last for a long time, but for not falling bristles it ends up preserving for much longer. 

    Face Brushes:
    Cosmetic Brushes Set
    Cosmetic Brushes Set
    The face brushes are 05. They can be used both to pass blush, illuminator, bronzer, compact powder, etc.
    Cosmetic Brushes Set
    Here I took a more close picture for you to see what they look like (except for the "broomstick", which I showed in the image above) . Those who possess fairly bristles usually use to apply the compact powder on the whole face and blush, the others use to make contour and apply illuminator. 

    Eye brushes:
    Cosmetic Brushes Set
    The eye brushes are also 05. Usually used to blur the shadow of the concave and outer corner of the eyes and apply shade. It has a brush as well that has the most firm bristles and seems to be synthetic, so it can be used to apply concealer under the eyes.
    Cosmetic Brushes Set
    They are very practical and provide well the need to make a well-made makeup, I have enjoyed using it. 

    Well, now let's talk about nails. 
    I have been using 2 products: the first is a pigment that leaves the nails with a beautiful shine, the second is like "flakes" of golden glow that leaves a very different and beautiful result.
    Rose Gold Chrome Nail Powder
    They come in a pot with 01 sponge dispenser each.
    Rose Gold Chrome Nail Powder
    The pigment is in this tone and is super thin, with little quantity already to apply on every nail..
    Rose Gold Chrome Nail Powder
    How I used the product: First I applied a black enamel on all nails, because a darker enamel ensures that the shine becomes more intense and much more beautiful, but it will go from the taste of each person, it can be used with other colors of enamel as well result will be different. 

    After applying the enamel I expected to dry well and gently passed the sponge brush with the product on all the nails. 

    And the result was this:
    Pretty good, huh? It has an incredible shine and tone on the nails.
    Once applied the pigment can be finished with an extra gloss / top coat. 

    The next are glitter "flakes" in the golden color that can be used either on the ring finger or on all nails or to make a nail art.
    This requires more care at the time of application as it ends up dropping some product out of the package and can do that dirt, but otherwise the result is wonderful. Check it out:
    Do you like the products? 


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