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Opinion about Toothbrush Makeup Brush and Metallic Lipstick

Knock, knock... who/what is? It's a new beauty e-store ahead: BeautyBigBang, let me present it with a review about my shopping experience and some products from its catalogue. What a nice, probably quirky name for a beauty shop!

The BeautyBigBang products featured here are some of the newest beauty goodness you come across the net: two particular foundation tools, the toothbrush makeup brush and the clear silicone makeup sponge, and a mermaid-inspired gold metallic lipstick

I’ve found it while browsing on Instagram and bang... I landed there!
BeautyBigBang is a young cosmetic e-commerce that sells mainly nail colours and manicure supplies, face makeup and cosmetic tools. The site is well organised with clear sections and it’s easy to explore.
At the moment, the selection is rather small but there are new arrivals constantly joining the list and their prices are really convenient with a lot of sales and discounts.

Everyone has seen these two beauty tools at least once: the toothbrush makeup brush and the silicone makeup sponge. Small and handy, I’ve put them to the test and compared their results...

The toothbrush makeup brush: overview (packaging and how to use) 
The Oval toothbrush shaped Makeup brush is exactly what you think: a makeup brush reassembling a tooth or a cushion hair brush that can be used to apply liquid and cream foundations as well as any kind of fluid makeup.
With a body made out of plastic, it’s approximately 6 cm long and has a sleek handle ending with an oval brush.
The brush has super compact and fine synthetic bristles that are surprisingly soft to the touch but sturdy, indeed it has loosened no hair so far after using and washing it. The only possible weak point could be that portion of the handle closest to the brush that is extremely thin and flexible.

In order to use it, apply a couple drops of your foundation on the back of your hand and dip the brush; sweep it starting from the centre of your face with delicate downward motions reaching the contours. Repeat till you achieve the coverage you need...

Oval Makeup Brush

The Clear Silicone Makeup Sponge: overview (packaging and how to use)
The Clear Silicone Makeup Sponge is a transparent “squoval” sponge made of silicone. It’s compact and stays in the palm of my hand. I suggest to clean it with a soft tissue after every usage, in order to avoid mess and dirt.

It works like a latex sponge but, since it doesn’t absorb the makeup, this silicone sponge has to be used little by little by dabbing it into your foundation and then gently onto your face with downward motions, from the centre to the side of you face.

Silicone Makeup Sponge

Toothbrush Makeup Brush Versus Clear Silicone Sponge 

Both products do their job and are quite small, thus fitting even the tinier makeup pouch. 
The oval toothbrush brush is the lighter tool here and, in my opinion, the one offering the best and quickest results.In spite of its shape, a brush is always a familiar tool and, once I started practising with it, I appreciated how it allowed me to control how much and where to apply my foundation, making it easy to build it up. The final result is a flawless and natural complexion!

I was extremely sceptical about the clear silicone sponge but I give it a try: it isn’t like a traditional makeup sponge because it isn’t porous, thus it doesn’t absorb my makeup.
This represents a con because the sponge tends to take too much product at once. It needs some extra work to spread my foundation and I had to blend several times to even it. At the first times, the silicone sponge is hard to control and requires some tests.

What I get is a fuller coverage with a wet finish and a tad heavy sensation that might need to be even out and fixed well. I'm sure, the silicone sponge isn't the kind of tool I would use in the morning when I'm in a rush!Who wins? No doubts, the recommended tool is the toothbrush makeup brush! Everyone can use it, even a newbie!

The Gold Metallic Lipstickoverview (packaging, formula & texture, shade & finish, how to use)
Gold! The Metallic Mermaid Lipstick by Hang Feng is a multi use lip colour, a 3-in-1 makeup product, that comes in a traditional black and gold squared case.
The formula is light onto the skin and has an agreeable scent: fruity and yummy (it reminds of an Italian strawberry and milk ice cream).
The texture is lightweight and melts with my body heat, this lipstick glides effortlessly onto the lips and has an overall creamy and light texture, despite I could feel some fine glitters while swiping it.The shade is pure gold: a bright 24k gold with a multicoloured iridescence and a metallic finish. The result is totally buildable.

How to use a golden lipstick like the Metallic Mermaid Lipstick, then? It’s that easy to blend that can be used as lipstick, face and eye highlighter and creamy eyeshadow. It doesn’t irritate my skin so that it’s true that it can be applied all over your face.

I used it as a multi-way makeup and mainly as a lip colour, alone and on the top of other lipsticks.
I think it can be over layered with a huge array of lipstick shades and it optically gives the illusion of fuller lips when added at the centre of my lips.

Gold Metallic Lipstick

Gold Metallic Lipstick

What a surprise: worn alone, this golden lipstick gives a gorgeous brightness that’s perfect with my suntan and it’s far from being unnatural! 

For this quick makeup look, I simply used Avril Le Mascara Bio and Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Mist Me? to brighten up my eyes, some rusty matte eyeshadow to fake my hair henna colour, and the Metallic Mermaid Lipstick. A super shiny and instant makeup for tempting mermaids: just add Au (gold)!

Shipping can be quite slow but I’m definitely going to visit this site again because I’m in love with the oval toothbrush and the golden mermaid lipstick and, so far, I’m sure they are both a great purchase! The silicone sponge simply doesn't convince me.You don’t need to be Ulysses’ mermaid to leave a golden kiss! 

Article By: Valentina Chirico


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