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Nail Art Xmas Winter Stamping Plate

Well today I'm going to teach you the second Christmas proposal in collaboration with the website  BeautyBigbang , last week I taught you a nail art with this theme and today I bring you another, this time I have decided to put it as soon as I have echos in case you want to take ideas before, then the day comes and I do not do nail art nor do people give you time to take ideas and in the end we do not do anything.

Christmas Nail Stamping Plate

I'm going to leave a picture of the plate only for you to see it better, this time the plate does not bring individual drawings as in the previous Christmas that I teach or in the Halloween, this time the plate consists of six patterns, They are very varied and the patterns can remind us of the prints of the Christmas sweaters, where you can find star, snowflakes, trees, sleighs, etc ... but I must say that two of them I think can be use perfectly outside the Christmas season if we want since one of them is what they call a cock print I think it's called like that, to see if I'm now invented things and the other is a pattern of spikes, it reminds me of a sweater that I have, I have to make a design with this pattern and the sweater because it sure looks nice but that will be later. 
These plates are small, you can store anywhere, your size is 6 * 6cm and even if you only have 6 patterns combined you can do an infinity of nail art.

Products used:
Essie Collection Winter 2014 Parka Perfect 284
BPS Stamping Nail Polish 4

Christmas Nail Stamping Plate

For this manicure I decided on the pattern that brings the sledges together with trees and stars, saying that since the patterns are quite long you can get different prints if your nails are not long or because your nails are small, since you can use only the top part of the pattern or the bottom one and thus it seems that you have many more patterns.

I have not had problems to stamp with the plate, like the others that I have great picture, that without it is perfect the design is because you do not have the day or has dried very fast the enamel to stamp because you have entertained. I think this type of plates are ideal, because they do not take place and with them you can make many designs, of Christmas theme you have two, this one that I show you today and the one that I showed you last week, in addition you have other four with halloween motifs of the which I teach you two for those dates. They also sell the lot of the six that is great because if you like them all with the lot you save a lot of money and they are much better off. I mention only these because it was the pack that I had when I chose the collaboration but I have seen that they have added new nail stamping plates.


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