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Nail Art Xmas Christmas Stamping Plate

I tell you that I have received a new collaboration with the website  BeautyBigbang , in which this time with the products that have sent me I will show you four manicures. But I remember more two of them are Christmas because two of the items are two plates with Christmas motifs and the other two manicures are not of any specific theme.
So that the bull does not catch me in the rest of social networks and not teach them at the wrong time, I decided to start teaching them the Christmas so we go with her.

Christmas Nail Stamping Plate

The plates have a size of 6 * 6cm and their weight is 10 grams.
This in particular is the 06 and as you can see in it you have three pattern designs, in which I use the pattern of Christmas candies and nine individual designs ranging from snowflakes, snowmen, a bell, a candle , a santa claus and of course a happy new year. 

The plates and always have been sent to me for a collaboration are protected with a plastic above that sometimes difficult to remove and that prevents them from suffering any scratch and then come in a plastic bag. This time they are put in a cardboard envelope and then in a bag. The truth is that every time they come better protected.

Christmas Nail Stamping Plate

To make the manicure we only need the enamels that we like for base and enamels that are thick to be able to stamp. In my case one if it is special to stamp that it is the bank color but nevertheless the one that stamps in red color is of the essence mark that I no longer used because it was quite fat already because it has a little bit and I leave it saved to test if It would serve to stamp and for what I see I am not mistaken because it prints pretty well even if it is not special for it. Any enamel that you see at home that are thick and cover in a layer as normal is that they serve to stamp.

After which colors you are going to use, you paint your nails and you wait for it to dry, then we take the plate and in the design that we are going to choose we take the polish to stamp and scrape with the card to remove the excess and then take the design with the stamper and pass it to the nail.
I have not had any problem to stamp with the plate, they take the designs of it perfectly, it is more with this plate I have a more echo design that I will show you later as I also take advantage to make swatches that day because I was taking advantage to have a manicure stored to teach you. They are small but they take, with which they take you anywhere. They bring some very nice designs and that right now they are going to get very fashionable because we are already in time to start teaching manicures of this theme, besides these designs is not like in halloween that limits you more the time here you have more time for Make more designs and show them off. So I recommend that you do with them because surely you will not regret it.
Christmas Nail Stamping Plate

I encourage you to go for it because it has very interesting nail art that is what I usually teach, but is not limited to the page only products of this type can also find makeup, brushes, hair products, etc. . 


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