Fixed lips with matte effect are very booming for a while to this part. I think they are the typical ones that you love or hate; or you love them or do not like anything at all.

I declare myself a fan of this type of fixed and matte lipsticks, although I must also admit that some are impossible to wear, they leave your lip very dry and are left with patches.

I've already taught you a few of this type and today I come with three more, and one in a more "risky" than usual.

Matte Lip Gloss

A few entries ago I showed you some lipsticks of this type on this website: Beautybigbang, in a pink tone and a purple tone, and I told you that especially the pink had left me amazed about its duration and your comfort when wearing it. 
So I asked for two other shades of that same range, which are another pink and one red; and I ventured with a color ,blue? green? which I'm still not sure I dare to go around with him. 
Matte Lip Gloss
First the number 5,  this pink tone, is stronger than the previous entry, which was a raised lip tone, but also very beautiful and quite wearable. 
Second, number 1. As I saw it in the photos of the web I found a red, red, the typical classic red, and that's why I chose it, but once I have it in my hands, I see a little orange dot, although I still like the tone. 
Matte Lip Gloss
As I mentioned the previous time, in which I tried with the number 6, Posiek, they are lipsticks that I have loved. Immediately they remain fixed on the lip, but giving time to retouch and finish well by the edges. They are easily applied and cover well in a single pass. 
At the time of wearing them are very comfortable, do not notice on the lip, do not dry, and do not go cracking with the passage of hours. 
In addition they are quite durable and resist well to speak, eat or drink (up to a certain point, of course). 
The glue that I have seen the red, is at the time of makeup removal, not that it costs a lot to remove it, is that it is all red, hands, half face ... you have to be careful. 
For me they are the best that I have of this style, really. 
I leave the references: Sarafine ► J2912TM-1C Carina ►  J2912TM-5C 
Matte Lip Gloss
And well, I wanted to "get out of my comfort zone" and try other types of tones, I also advance you as they are not the only rare colors that I have acquired lately, I'll show you the others in future entries: P
First of all, I'm going to ask you what color do you see it blue? or green?
I asked for it as if it were green, although in the same range of lipsticks there was also the blue tone and for the reference, the number 13 corresponds to the green color, but I like that when I have it face to face, I see it more blue, What do you think?
Regardless of whether the lipstick is green or blue, the truth is that it is cool, I liked the change of color, but as I said above, I still do not see very well to integrate well into a look and go with him so quietly , but everything will go! 
What if I have to say, is that as happened with the purple of the previous entry, it is much drier than the others, and therefore more difficult to carry, and is also lost much earlier by the mucosa , especially when eating or drinking. When applied it takes longer to dry, and if we apply two layers even worse. 

The green reference is ►  A0900-2C
Although you have already seen how they are put on the lips, I leave you also the photo of rigor with the swatches of the three labials.
Matte Lip Gloss
I must also say that it is the first time of the three times that I have collaborated with this website, that I get the things I asked for ... hahaha I already told you about the odyssey of the eggs to clean brushes, and in the end I ran out of the blanket big that I was wanted, and in the previous order I had to have arrived a little thing for nail art and also had to lose on the way ... This is the first time I ask for three things and I get the three well, It was time!! why go cloth ... 
Do you cheer up with this kind of lipstick? Do you like this kind of gray, blue, green tones that are being worn now?
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