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Knowing Beauty Bigbang | Cheap nail and makeup accessories

A few months ago since Beauty Bigbang contacted me to send me one of their products for later opinion on the blog. The truth is that although it sounds strange, I do not have much experience in these Asian stores, I only collaborated with one of them several years ago.

Beauty Bigbang is a Chinese store that sends its products directly from Hong Kong. On its website, which is very simple, orderly and intuitive, we can find thousands and thousands of products related to makeup and nail art, from makeup brushes, enamels, holographic powders, cat's eye glazes ... come on, any trend that you can imagine, in Beauty Bigbang you will find (it seems that I have made a slogan and everything hahaha). The prices are very good, you know that these types of stores have quite affordable prices and for what I have tried, of very good quality.

The shipment is through mail, we have two options, that the shipment is free   and that it is sent regular and without certification, which usually takes from 20 to 28 days , or the option to pay 4 $ and have a shipment registered express, which will also reach us through Correos but in a maximum time of 14 days (my order took only 10 days, besides that with the code I could know at all times where it was).

I ordered three little pots of nail polish powder, you know, those powders that are put on the semi-permanent enamels or gel and that when adhered, leave pure magic in our nails. But I wanted to go further and I used them on regular glazes, yes, as you hear ... The technique is as follows: we apply a layer of nail polish on the nail, let it segue and then put another layer back to get the perfect coverage. Once the enamel is almost dry (the perfect point is when we touch and it is not marked but we notice that it is not 100% dry yet) we put a little powder covering the entire nail and rub with the silicon applicator carefully. It really works with the regular glazes, I can attest, even though even a lady at a nail stand who sold this type of powder told me in the Salon Look that no,

I showed you these Holographic Powders (Rainbow holo pigment) in summer, the truth is that they are incredible and we can make any enamel look with that holographic spectrum that we like so much. In this case I used a base enamel from Deborah Milano, Flirty Feminity from the Pret a Porter.

As you can see it is a spektra flair powder of ultra-fine size, and that is what gives the ultra-holo appearance to any base enamel, it is the cane, highly recommended. The price is € 7.99 but now they have an offer of € 4.59 .

Without a doubt the ones I liked the most are all these powders known as aurora, on the web you can find them as Aurora Nail Unicorn Pigment, specifically this is the SKU: J2427 tone . They are powders that convert to the base enamel that we use in duocrome , here they are placed on black enamel and as you can see they have that total beetle appearance. Do not tell me you have not fallen in love as much as I did, I confess that I could not stop shooting photos, because I could not miss a single reflection!

And to show a button ...

For this peanut as for the next one you will see I used a base creamy black enamel, specifically the Black tone of the Fabulux of EGO Professional . Remember that these effect powders are very easy to apply, and another very important fact: if you seal with a normal topcoat ruin the effect, you have to use water-based top coats (for example, the last collection Blossom Dreams of Essence ).

Surely you are more than tired of seeing these powders but I, alias the laggard, had not yet tried them and I had a lot of desire. So I asked for this blue-gray tone that applied on black is as you see in the photographs. I really like this chrome effect so powerful , and something to keep in mind is that both in this and in the other powders, you have to use the water-based top coat, do not forget because otherwise, the effect is ruined and remains a sort of shimmer finish.

They are in 7 different shades, mine is the B01, you can find them here, under the name of Shimmer Shell Powder , its current price (reduced) is 1.98 €.

The application is the simplest of the three powders effect, it really costs absolutely nothing, rubbing a little and with super small amount that perfect chrome appears in our claws.

And last but not least, this very precious mermaid brush, you will have seen it to the satiety and it is that this summer they became super fashionable and when I saw them on the Beauty Bigbangwebsite I did not hesitate to ask me for this so beautiful in turquoise that You already know that it is my favorite color.

They have an incredible quality, it really is something that surprised me a lot when I take it in my hand, because it weighs, well, it shows that the material is good, and most importantly, the hair is very soft, very dense and has not I have not lost a hair since summer and I have washed it several times. This brush is highly recommended!

I use it to apply the illuminator (although I have also used it to apply the base) and I can not be happier with it. You have them here:  Mermaid Foundation brush SKU: J2432-1C and you can choose the color that you like the most, there are some that are degraded ... Pure love, and for only € 4.96 (now they are for € 2.97) ).

No doubt Beauty Bigbang has been a super discovery and I am looking forward to try more products from this store. I remind you that from the shop they have very kindly offered me a discount code for all of you, by entering the SIL10 code you automatically have a 10% discount on your purchases.


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