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How To Choose Fake Nails

How To Choose Fake Nails

Human normal nail growth rate is 3-4mm per month. When you want long nail designs but the nail length is not enough, fake nails are one of your best choices. So how to choose a good fake nail, read the full text to learn more about nail health.

Choose the right nail length

All nails are different, but don't worry. There are several sizes in the fake nail kit to choose from. If you are a beginner in nail art, it is important to try to find a brand that you are familiar with. Here I recommend BeautyBigBang, which is economical and affordable.

Protect yourself with real nails

All fake nails are attached to real nails. Then it is important to protect your real nails. Use a nail file to polish your nails so that they are about the same shape and length. It is best to apply a base coat before sticking fake nails to protect real nails.

Considering good nail design

Try to choose fake nails that have been designed for nails. This will save you a lot of things, and of course it will also reduce some of the fun of doing it yourself. All you have to do is stick the fake nails to the real nails.

Wait patiently for the glue to dry

When using fake nails, make sure that the glue on the fake nails is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. This requires patience, otherwise the fake nails will easily loosen or even fall.

Try nail care

Even if they are fake nails, they still need care, don't forget the daily nail care. Otherwise, you may not know when the fake nails will suddenly fall.

Correct fake nails

When you want to try other nails or don't like this set of fake nails, please clear them normally. Buy some products that specifically remove them. Never try to forcibly remove them, otherwise it will affect your nail health.

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