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How do you do nail stamping?-tech you become master of nail stamping

Nail stamping is now a very hot nail art. Nail stamping is a simple DIY art form that allows you to make any design from an etched metal plate and then use a stamp to transfer the artwork directly to your nails on. This technology is a simple, convenient and economical method of manicure. You can even make your own nail design and create your own unique and beautiful nails.


Next, we will introduce the steps and methods of using Nail stamping.


First you need to choose a bright and spacious work place, then you need to get the material and tools for nail imprinting. The three basic tools are: stamping plate, scraper and die with silicone or rubber head, base coat will Protect your nails from the harsh effects that polish can have. it will create a barrier between the nail and the polish and prevent staining and the nail from becoming looking longer and brittle from the chemicals found in nail polish.

BeautyBigBang Base Coat

Base Coat recommends BeautyBigBang Peel Off Liquid Nail Tape Latex Cuticle Protector For Manicure And you need Silicone Head Stamping Clear Jelly Handle Nail Art Stamper & Scraper The style of the Nail Stamping Kit seal can be selected here!


Second, Apply primary colors. When the base coat is dry, apply the desired color to the nails. If the first layer is colorless, apply the second layer. Allow a few hours for the nail polish to dry.


Third, Allow the nail polish to dry completely.


Next, you can design your own nail style.


One, you need coat the design with polish. Select the desired pattern from one of the plates. Apply the design with polish. For this reason, it is preferable to use an abrasive having a strong coloring power.


Two, Scrape off excess polish. The rim is at an angle of 45 degrees to the stencil. Scratch off excessively and quickly excess polish until the design is clearly visible. Wipe the scraper on the paper towel to remove the nail polish. If you have not removed any excess polish for the first time, scratch the plate again.


Three, Use a stamper to remove the varnish. Lift the pestle and roll from one side of the pestle to the other side and roll over the design on the plate. The design should be clearly visible on the surface of the pestle. Most paint should have been taken from the stamp.


Four, Roll the pestle on the nail. While the pestle surface is covered with polish of the chosen design, move from one side to the other and roll the pestle on the nail. Press down hard, but don't push in as hard as the design gets dirty. Lift the stamp off the nail and make sure the design is stamped on the nail. If not, try again or remove all polish with a nail polish remover and cotton ball and start over.

Five, Nail is coated with a transparent top coat. After pressing the design against your nails, wait 1-2 minutes for the varnish to settle and set a little. To protect the design and make the nail lacquer last longer, apply a transparent top coat to the lacquer. The top coat ensures that the nails are protected to some degree from daily wear.

nail polish

For more Nail stamping style, you can browse it!


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