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Holographic Peacock Chameleon Nail powder

Today I’m going to show you a Holographic Peacock Chameleon Nail powder I got from BeautyBigBang recently in return for an honest review. Beauty Big Bang is a web store that sells all kinds of stuff for nails and nail art and they ship internationally.

The powder is a holographic duochromatic nail powder. It comes in a small container along with two applicators. It looks like this in the container, and it’s listed here. The one I am reviewing today is number 9a.

If you have been here for a while, you will know I don’t do gel nails. I used Dance Legend’s glitter base as my base, and the powder sticks just fine to that. I used black as my base colour today. .

I rubbed the powder onto the dry base and the effect came out. It is really beautiful.

Here is what it looks like. There’s a layer of water based topcoat involved.

Holographic Peacock Chameleon Nail Glitter

Look at that shift – isn’t it just beautiful! The nail powder contains holographic pigment too! Let me turn on the flash for you so you can see it:

Chameleon Nail Glitter

The rainbow effect isn’t as prominent as in the powder I tried a couple of days ago, but it’s still pretty. The duochromatic effect makes up for the lack of strong rainbows for sure!

Chameleon Nail Glitter

The verdict:


Amazing shift

Pretty rainbows

Easy to use


You need a base that the powder can stick to

Article By: rainbowifyme


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