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Nail Products from BeautyBigBang

Hi guys!! So I was able to choose some awesome goodies(nail products) from and I'm SOOOOO excited to share them with you! I was able to choose three items to use for my nail art and oh my gosh I am soooo in love. This has got to be one of my new favorite beauty stores to shop at most definitely.
First of all is the latex free peel off tape to protect your cuticles from polish to save time and cleanup. I've seen these all over instagram and I reeeeally wanted to try them out so I chose these first. I think these are so awesome because people with latex allergies can use them! They have such a peculiar texture, they remind me of fruit roll ups! They're very sticky so you have to be careful not to stick them together or stick them to your nail if you're not wearing a topcoat or if you're wearing a peel off base coat. They are very easy to form perfectly to your cuticle, they are scent free and have zero dry time which is awesome! I really loved using these, I would gladly buy them again and again!
Next up is the 24 pc Colorful Mirror Effect Nail Foils I chose. I have actually never used nail foils before and so I was SUPER excited to try these out! These foils are soooo beautiful and so easy to use! My first mani with these was a shattered glass manicure (shown above) and I could honestly not look away, they were so gorgeous and iridescent. These nail foils are also SO affordable! You get enough foils to last an incredibly long time for just $3.99. These are so awesome, Im so happy to have these in my collection.
Last but definitely not least, the Galaxy Holographic Flakes. These flakies were probably my favorite item I received, they are GORGEOUS, easy to use, and sooooo holo. The best part is that unlike most powders and flakies sold by other companies, you can use these with regular polish and topcoat instead of gel. I have been wanting holo flakes like these for months but every time I've tried to buy them, they've been way too expensive. This company, though, sells them for only $2.99 instead of the usual $20 or even $40, and they look just the same. I am so in love with these flakies!! You need to apply them to your nail when your polish is a bit wet, or you can apply a sticky base coat on top of your polish and apply them then. They also work beautifully with gel! A little bit goes a long way and they are just absolutely captivating. These are a must have!
So my final thought about this company is that I am astounded by how high quality all of the products are for being so affordable, and I absolutely loved every single product I received. This company offers such a wide variety of beauty products and free shipping worldwide as well which is so awesome! The package did take a couple weeks to arrive to my house but that doesn't bother me at all for how cheap everything is. I will definitely be buying more products from this store asap. Make sure to use my code "AMY10" for 10% off any order! Thanks for reading, guys :)

Article By: polishedpatient


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