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Glitter eye shadow palette and matte which is best ?

Common eye shadow is divided into two textures, glitter color eye shadow and matte color eye shadow.So which matte and glitter eye shadows are easier for novices to use? Which is easy to use for eye shadow glitter and matte? Today i'll show you  what are the difference between glitter eye shadow palette  and matte eye shadow palette !

The glitter eye shadow plate will have a distracting effect, and the blooming is relatively simple. Matte eye shadow palette are easier to appear dirty. Therefore, the use of glitter eye shadow plate is simpler and suitable for beginners. But the matte eye shadow palette has the advantage of being more temperamental. Let's take a closer look at the difference between eye shadow glitter and matte.

The difference between litter eye shadow plate and matte eye shadow palette !

glitter eye shadow plate

Look at the texture

Glitter eye shadow plate is more than a matte eye shadow palette, and there are many fine flashes on the texture. In comparison, glitter eye shadow plate are easier to fly than matte eye shadow plate, and matte shadow plate that have not been added with glitter are more realistic.

From the color saturation

Matte eye shadow palette have high color saturation, are easy to color, and are very low-key. Glitter eye shadow palette are not very high due to the light and shiny color, but the color is brighter.

Look at the makeup

Matte eye shadow palette has a low gloss, no sequins, and the general color is also darker. The Glitter eye shadow plate will make the eyes look concave and convex, and the blingbling effect is very suitable for the party.

Glitter eye shadow plate and matte eye shadow  plate which is better

Eye shadow is divided into glitter eye shadow plate and matte eye shadow plate. In short, it is the difference between flash and no flash.

Glitter eye shadow is one of the members of the Eye Shadow family for eye makeup. It is available in a variety of colors, including powder, stick, paste, emulsion and pencil. The addition of silver or pearl color makes the gloss more bright than the general eye shadow, so that the beautiful pearly luster of the eyes is more fashionable than the general eye shadow. It is the crowning touch in eye makeup, and it will be highly saturated on the eyes, making the eyes look concave and convex. Blingbling's effect, if used for evening makeup, will make the eyes become the highlights of the night and become the focus of glamour. Glitter eye shadow plate also has a certain modification effect on the eye shape. Selecting the right eye shadow according to the shape of the face and skin color will greatly enhance the effect of the entire makeup.

Show some eye shadow  from Beauty BigBang !

1.9 Colors Matte Eye shadow Palette Earth Tone Naked Shimmer Pigment Glitter Eye Shadow

matte eye shadow palette

Item Type: Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
Color:9 Colors/Eyeshadow Palette 
Pattern: 6 Patterns Optional(as picture show)

$5.99  Buy here

2.10 Colors Matte and Shimmer Eye shadow Palette Eye Makeup Set

matte eye shadow palette

Item Type: Eye shadow Palette
Weight: approx 65g
Case Size:15.2cm*4.2cm*1.4cm
Pattern: 6 Patterns Can Choose(as picture show)
Color: 10 Colors/Eyeshadow Palette

$7.99 Buy HERE

3.18 Colors Matte Diamond Glitter Eye shadow Palette For Makeup

glitter eye shadow palette
Item Type: Eyeshadow Palette
Color: 18 Colors
Style: 2 Styles Optional
Weight: 143g

 $9.99 BUY HERE

4. 1 Set 40 Colors Matte Shimmer Eye shadow Palette for Cosmetic

mate eye shadow palette

Condition: 100% brand new and high quality
Texture: Super fine,soft and smooth,skinny touch texture.
Dimensions: 15*10*0.9cm
Weight: approx 98g

$9.99  buy here

5.12 Colors Diamond Bright Glitter Eye shadow Palette


Product's Type: Eyeshadow
Weight: 70g

Package Included:
1Pc Eyeshadow Palette & With a Shadow Brush

$5.99 BUY HERE

6.Single Metallic Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow Palette Set For Eye Makeup

mate eye shadow

Item Type: Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Net: 2.6g
Colors: 8 Colors Optional


                                               $5.59   buy here


7. 5 Colors Glitter Shimmer Diamond Eyeshadow Palette For Eye Makeup


Item Type: Eyeshadow Palette
Pattern: 6 Patterns Optional
Weight: 47g
Color: 5 Colors

$4.59  BUY HERE

8.6 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Glamorous Smokey Eye Shadow Shimmer Makeup Kit


Weight: 8g / 0.28 oz
Size: 8.7cm*4.8cm*1.2cm(L*B*H)
Color:6 Colors Optional

$5.99   BUY HERE

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