Electric Hair Straightener Comb: DOES IT WORK? | BEAUTYBIGBANG | BeautyBigBang

Electric Hair Straightener Comb: DOES IT WORK? | BEAUTYBIGBANG

If there's something I was extremely curious about, it was the so called Electric Hair Straightener Comb. I didn't hesitate once I had the chance to get one from BeautyBigBang. If you follow me, you probably know that my hair is straight. It's not that flat straight and, occasionally, it has that weird ways of its own. Sometimes I'm into it but, there are also days where I wish I had something to make my life easier.

Electric Hair Straightener Comb

Electric Hair Straightener Comb


I was never a fan of flat irons, I must say. I was really looking for these electric brushes! The brush works in a quite simple way. All you have to do is press the on button for a few seconds. After it turns on, you regulate the temperature wanted with the + and -. Personally, I try to never use more than 190º-200º, but its maximum (as you can see on the photo below) is 230º. And of course, you must always use heat protector. It's also necessary to beware, all the brush interior gets hot (teeth also).

Electric Hair Straightener Comb

Does it work? Yes! On my hair it's more than enough, I can get that straighter look with only a few passages. Below there's two photos (I know they are not the best, sorry) where you can see how my hair looks when it's natural and after using the electric brush. This is my experience, I'm sure it might not work the same for all types of hair, but the truth is I had a positive experience and, if you think it might work for you, than I think it's totally worth it! Besides, this Electric Hair Straightener Comb is very affordable.

The brush is only 20$. You can find it on BeautyBigBang with the possibility to choose your type of plug corresponding to where you live (there's also a white one). The quality is great and I confess, I'm a fan. What do you think about Electric Hair Straightener Comb? Have you tried them already? 

Another Electric Hair Straightener Comb here, $28.99

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