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Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner Scrubber Board Review

Hi Friends!Today I would be reviewing Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner Scrubber Board from BeautyBigBang site. BeautyBigBang is a global online retailer for things like makeup, nails, hair,etc. They have huge variety of items on their site and the site navigation is user-friendly so you can find the stuff that you are looking for easily.

Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner

Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner Scrubber Board is a silicone based egg shaped board with different patterns that help in scrubbing the brushes and removing the product from them gently. At the back of the board, there are slots of different sizes which help in draining the water while washing the brushes and can be used as a brush holder. However, brushes with broader width will not fit into the provided slots.

The scrubber board also has an opening at the bottom which can be used to get a good grip of the board while washing the brushes. Brushes of different shapes and sizes as shown below can be cleaned easily on this board.

Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner

I poured some baby shampoo on the board and swirled & rinsed the brushes on the board to wash them clean. Here is a snippet of before and after of washing my Elf Ultimate Blending brush using this scrubber. You can see how nicely the brush is cleaned. The best part of the board is that it compact and you can carry it along with you. I am totally in love with this product

Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner

Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner (SKU: 25090-DVT) is priced at $2.99 and you can purchase it from here. 

Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner

Beautybigbang also offers different kinds of makeup tools with free shipping worldwide and affordable price!


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