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Chameleon Nail Polish and Chameleon Nail Powder

Some people refer to Chameleon Nail Polish as Holo polish or thermal polish and let me say it is as much fun to put on nails. Chameleon Nail Polish literally changes color with your body temperature. I wanted a purple tone to go with an outfit. I chose the chameleon purple and had it applied to my nails. In different lighting it sometimes looked a little blue at the tips, and in other lighting, it looked like a dual blue-purple color. I love it.
Actually you can use Chameleon Nail Polish and Chameleon Glitter finish your Chameleon nail designs !
100% brand new and high quality.
The nail color in the sample picture is with : 1 layer black base coat + 2-3 layers colored polish + top coat.
Professional quality Chameleon Nail Polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

Black or dark base color needed (when you use the Chameleon Nail Polish )
1.Chameleon Nail Polish
Bronze Chameleon Nail Polish : $5.99  Capacity: 9ml/.32fl.oz Color: Bronze 
chameleon nail polish
Green Chameleon Nail Polish : $5.99  Capacity: 9ml/.32fl.oz Color: Green
chameleon nail polish
Magenta Chameleon Nail Polish : $5.99  Capacity: 9ml/.32fl.oz Color: Magenta
Chameleon Nail Polish
Blue Chameleon Nail Polish : $5.99  Capacity: 9ml/.32fl.oz Color: Blue
Chameleon Nail Polish
Blue Purple Chameleon Nail Polish : $5.99  Capacity: 9ml/.32fl.oz Color:  Blue purple
Chameleon Nail Polish
Dark Green Chameleon Nail Polish :  $5.99  Capacity: 9ml/.32fl.oz Color:  Dark green
Chameleon Nail Polish
2.Chameleon Nail Powder
Laser Chameleon Nail Powder : $2.99/box   6 Colors Optional,Weight: 0.2g/box
Chameleon Nail Powder
Chameleon Glitter Paillette :$3.29/pc 6 Colors Optional, Net Weight: 0.15-0.2g approx 
Chameleon Glitter Paillette
Chameleon Flakes Powder :  $2.99  12 colors options as the picture shows, Weight: Approx. 0.2g/box  
Chameleon Flakes Powder
Transparent Chameleon Flakes Magic Effect : $2.99/pc  6 Colors can choose, Net Weight: 0.15-0.2g approx.  
Transparent Chameleon Flakes Magic Effect
Aurora Irregular Flakies Powder : $2.99/pc 14 colors can choose,Capacity: Approx. 0.2g $3.99 
Aurora Irregular Flakies Powder
Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitters Powder  :$4.99/pc   8 Colors Optional ,Powder Capacity: Approx. 0.3g 
Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitters Powder
Chameleon Nail Polish and Chameleon Nail Powder is a good way to finish your perfect Chameleon nail art designs . If you need other nail art supplies shop at beautybigbang now ! Please enjoy 15% off sitewide with code DJ15 !


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