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Chameleon Holographic Flakes from Beauty Bigbang

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Today I have some more Beauty Bigbang products to share with all of you! I first reviewed some Beauty Bigbang items a few months ago in this post, but if you're unfamiliar with the company, they're an online beauty retailer that sells nail supplies, cosmetics, and hair products. They offer free shipping worldwide with a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks, and they accept both credit card and Paypal payments.
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For this review, I received a collection of nail powders, large arrow glitters, and a nail file. All of these products (and tons of others) can be purchased directly from the Beauty Bigbang website,

The first product I tried was the Chameleon Holographic Flakes, J2419-5C:
These flakes are multichrome flakes with added holo glitter, and they come in six different color options (shown here is the fifth option, J2419-5C), and each color is regularly priced at $5.99 for 0.2 grams of powder and one eye shadow applicator brush.
These flakes can be applied using either gel or regular polish, and, during application, you can choose to leave them as larger flakes or buff them down into a smoother finish. For these swatches, I applied a base coat and one coat of black nail polish and topped it with Zoya's Armor topcoat before tapping the flakes into the just-dry topcoat and sealing them with another layer of topcoat once they were completely dry.
Beauty Bigbang, Chameleon Holo Flakes, J2419-5C
                 Beauty Bigbang, Chameleon Holo Flakes, J2419-5C
These flakes were absolutely stunning. They had a strong linear holographic effect, but since they have a multi-chrome base, they also shifted between red and deep purple, giving them so much more dimension than just a regular holographic powder. The flakes were also extremely easy to remove, as they just dissolve in acetone and can be wiped off like regular polish.
                     Beauty Bigbang, Chameleon Holo Flakes, J2419-5C
The other powder I received was these Iridescent Chameleon Flakes, J2443-12A:
These are unicorn skin or mermaid flakes that have an iridescent effect. They come in 12 different colors at $5.99 apiece for 0.2 grams and an applicator brush.
As with the holo flakes, I used regular polish and topcoat to apply these, but they can be used with gel polish as well. These can also be left as larger flakes or buffed into a smoother finish, and the color of the flakies will change depending upon the base color you use.
Over white or other light colored bases, the flakes will shift between pastel green and a pinkish purple, as shown here:
 Beauty Bigbang, Iridescent Chameleon Flakes, J2443-12A, over white polish
However, over black and other darker colors, the flakes become more defined and show up as deeper purple, greens, and a coppery red.
Beauty Bigbang, Iridescent Chameleon Flakes, J2443-12A, over black polish
I actually reviewed one of the other iridescent powders from this set in my last Beauty Bigbang review, and I loved them so much that I wanted to try this color, too! These powders offer so much versatility since they shift differently based on your base color, so they're perfect for a variety of different manis .
Beauty Bigbang, Iridescent Chameleon Flakes, J2443-12A, over black polish
Next up, I tried these 3D Arrow Glitters, J6309:
3D Arrow Glitters
These arrow glitters come in a pack of 6 containers of different colors for $8.99.
Each set contains 6 containers of arrow shaped glitters - a box of each of the following: silver holographic, black oil slick, iridescent, pink and gold, orange, and silver and light green.
                              Beauty Bigbang, 3D Arrow Glitters, J6309
I used these glitters for a variety of different glitter placements. Here, I used the silver and green (pinky), iridescent (ring), pink and gold (middle), and black oil slick (index) over the iridescent flakes I reviewed and a white base. It's recommended that you use nail glue to apply these, but I just attached them with topcoat, and they lasted for about two days before the glitter pieces started falling off, so you might want to pick up some nail glue if you want your manicure to last longer than that.
I also placed the holo glitters over the holo powder to create these double holographic glitter placement nails.
                                 Beauty Bigbang, 3D Arrow Glitters, J6309
I loved all the possibilities these glitters gave me for geometric patterned nail art. As an added bonus, I didn't have any difficulty removing the glitter, which is sometimes a problem with larger glitters. The iridescent glitters were my favorite, especially over the iridescent powder, but the holo arrows were a close second. While I thought I'd like the oil slick option the best, I found that they were a bit underwhelming - the colors shifted a lot off my nails, but once they were applied over the white, they mainly just looked black, but they may just need to be applied over a darker base to keep their shifting properties.
As with the items I tested in my last review, I was really impressed with the quality of all of these products. I especially loved the holo and iridescent powders, and, like I mentioned last time, Beauty Bigbang's nail powders are a fraction of the price of other company's powders. I also loved creating nail art with the arrow glitters, and it's nice to receive a variety of color options in one package. All of the products were easy to use and remove, and I'm looking forward to trying more designs with all of them!
Which of these products is your favorite? Have you tried other Beauty Bigbang items that you'd recommend?
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