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Makeup Products form BeautyBigBang

I bought these goodies on BeautyBigBang online store, which are more on the practical side, I must admit. But still I think it would be useful for anybody who likes makeup, especially people who blog and post looks on a regular basis.

Unicorn Makeup Brush Set:

The makeup brushes, which I mainly got for the design, turned out to be really soft. I had no trouble doing my makeup when using them, the ones designated for the face I found to be perfect, the eye brushes I can tell shed more than those, especially the pointy blending brush, which poked my eye a little as the bristles are a little too uneven for my taste.

The handles are quite sturdy, at least they look and feel so, so far, but I definitely should give them more time to fully judge.

The set comprises 4 face makeup brushes and 3 eye brushes.

The face brushes have a contour, more pointy brush, a small blush brush (which I see being used more for highlighter), and two practically IDENTICAL fluffy, powder/blush brushes. So I either got them by mistake, and something went wrong when picking them for shipping, or maybe the picture on the website is a little misleading...? But I cannot really complain after all, they’re always useful!

For the eye brushes I already expressed my opinion on one of them, which I think is going to be a no for me, but the other two were completely fine: a flat eyeshadow brush, and an angled eyeliner brush. 

Note: I used the angled brush for this look, and as you can see, it’s ideal for a thick line ;)

I can recommend it to someone who wants to upgrade their brush collection without spending a ton, is bored of the classic designs, and wants to add a little colour to their life.

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner:

It’s a little silicone Brushegg, a sort of egg shaped tool, with a combination of ribs and bobbles on which you can rub the bristles of your brushes in order to clean them thoroughly.

Compared to what I usually do with them when it’s cleaning time (the dreaded moment I try to delay as much as I possibly can), this turned out to be incredibly comfortable. It basically does the job your fingers are supposed to do!

It takes half the time I would normally take, and it’s great. It sort of made me curious to test out the flat mat/pad brush cleaner they also have in stock , as I’m pretty sure it would be more comfortable, especially with bigger brushes.

Nail Glitter Sequins

Soooo… these guys are supposed to be used on your nails, but I fell in love and decided to create some looks with them (obviously if you’re thinking about doing the same be careful with them, you don’t want glitter in your eyes!).

It wasn’t easy to choose, because the website has quite a few really pretty options. Pictures will follow, but in the end I went for a fuchsia/silver pot, a rose gold one, and 2 other types of glitters which mixed cold & warm tones together: respectively a light blue-orange one and a turquoise-red-greenish one.

They stick easily with my NYX Glitter Primer, and I’m planning on getting more colours because they’re so cheap! ;P

I love to discover new websites where I can find good deals, this is one of them. I guess if I plan on getting more it means it's a good sign, so I encourage you to do the same and give it a go!

Article by: Erika


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