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Holographic Nail Striping Tape

Hello! Today I’ve got the second review for BeautyBigBang, and this time it’s a pack of 6 holographic nail striping tapes. They are similar to striping tape, and we all know how much I love tape! So, how did I get on? …

BeautyBigBang Holographic Nail Striping Tape

Nail Holographic Tape

You get a mix of 6 colours of this nail striping tape (product code J2843), and it arrives on rectangular sheets, pre-cut into various width strips. It shares many similarities with the reels of striping tape – it peels off the backing sheet by itself, and sticks to anything but what you want it to stick to. Having said that, I did find the sheets easier to work with than reels.

Once I’d got the sheets out of the packaging (which some of the strips had stuck to) I was at a bit of a loss what to do with them. My usual use of nail striping tape is to peel off to leave nice clean lines, but this stuff is iridescent and seems too pretty to use that way. Eventually I decided to just go mad and do a mosaic type design using all of the colours.

My base colour for this mani is two coats, which is a gorgeous dark blurple. Once it had dried, I cut tiny sections of tape and randomly stuck them on my nails. Tweezers and sharp nail scissors were very useful here!

Holographic Strip Tape

I tried very hard not to overlap any bits, as I thought that would make them stick up too much, and I hate having bumpy nails.

Nail Holographic Tape mosaic art macro

I added a coat of no wipe uv gel top coat at the end, which smoothed things out. The macro makes it look bumpier than it really was.

These Holographic Nail Striping Tapes are quite pretty, they really catch the light! My design probably isn’t the most elegant one to show them off (I did have a feeling that a 5yr old had been at my nails) but it did attract comments, especially from shop assistants!

The Holographic Nail Striping Tapes are available from BeautyBigBang, currently priced at £2.30 for all 6 sheets.

Article By: thepolishedmagpie


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