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Aurora Powder from BeautyBigBang

First one to review is Aurora Powder, item code is J2854-1C. As always, all you need to do is to click on the link, to take you directly to the product page.

neon pigment
​Site recommend to use it with the gel polish. You would need no wipe top coat for that, and I am well aware that not all of you are willing or ready to dive in the world of gel polish. I decided to use this powder over regular nail polish, and it work marvelously.

​I tried something completely different for me, but I have seen some of the other nail artists do it (Sveta Sanders is one of them), and was really curious to try...

​I used two different polishes for this. I used white - Jessica Cosmetics Shark Tooth and Models Own Lilac Icing (purple). Both of those polishes dry to a glossy finish, and I proceed with the use of the Unicorn Pigment from BeautyBigBang. I used eyeshadow applicator that came with the product, and gently rubbed it over white polish on my ring finger, and over purple on my pinky. I found that stroking in the same direction gave me the best results. Now, do not get discouraged with the amount of product you receive. It is packaged by weight, and being really fine, will not take even 1-3 of the jar. Great news is - little goes the long way. You may be able to do nail or two just with using whatever was stuck to the protective lid.

​Over the white, effect is amazing, but was bit lost on the purple. With this powder, lighter the color, better the effect. It was really hard to photograph, but there is nice color shift between pink, blue and green over the white polish,  while green was dominant over the purple. To protect the finish, I topped it with water based top coat, in my case -Water based top coat. If you use regular top coat, finish will be gone, and you would be able to see it like a shimmer, rather than smooth finish. It would look more like a polish, less like a chrome. If this was applied over the gel polish, you would need to apply no wipe top coat, and you would have long lasting amazingly beautiful manicure.

​Now comes the trick I was looking forward trying. I applied matte top coat over the index and middle finger, and when dry I painted a design with the white polish. I did rose on middle finger, and plenty of different size dots on my index finger, and when that dried, I applied more of the Aurora pigment.

​Thing is, pigment needs smooth surface to adhere to, and with adding a matte top coat, I prevented the powder from sticking to it, and all I had to do is use a soft brush to remove excess powder to reveal beautiful finish over the white and nothing over the purple. You can use this trick to apply the chrome powder where ever you want, and then top coat all and have it all shiny. This was first time for me, and I was excited that this worked!

​Here are the photos.

aurora powder

I absolutely love this nail powder, and effect is amazing. I was so glad that I finally own a powder that does not need to be applied over the dark base. Who wants to wear black nail polish on +40*C!

​I would totally recommend this product to anyone. It is affordable and easy to use over the gel and regular nail polish. Have to warn you - You will not do much work because you will be so mesmerized with your manicure. Best of all, you would look like this was done by professional.

Article By: Sanja


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