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7 Bad Nail Art Habits To Change

7 Bad Nail Art Habits To Change

Nail health care is extremely easy to overlook. Because there are usually bad habits that you don't know about yourself, this will lead to worse and worse nail health. So we have listed 7 bad habits of nail art, you must change these bad habits.

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  1. Stop exfoliating your gel nails

Never peel off your gel nails, otherwise this may cause the fur to last for a while, and may even cause your nails to fall, and the frequency of your nail changes will increase, and it is not beautiful.

  1. Stop cutting out the cuticle

The cuticle protects your nails from water and bacteria. Although cutting off the cuticle can sometimes make nail art look better, it's best not to do it. You can choose to use some exfoliating formula, use nail tools to push the cuticle back, and then wipe it gently with a paper towel.

  1. Stop peeling nail polish with your nails

Some people have this bad habit and like to use their nails to peel off the nail polish from another nail. Please stop doing this. This will cause the nail polish to be damaged, as well as to break the nails and sharpen the nail trauma. If you want to remove nail polish, use a nail remover, which is easy to buy.

  1. Stop applying acrylic nail polish directly

Acrylic is very dry and makes it difficult for the nail bed to breathe. Although acrylic can make your nail design last significantly longer. So try to avoid applying acrylic nail polish directly. If you want to use acrylic nail polish, you can wear fake nails, or apply a base coat before applying acrylic nail polish. You can try BeautyBigBang base coat.

  1. Stop using your nail file to saw your nails back and forth

Usually we use nail files to do some nail trimming work at home. However, many people like to saw their nails back and forth. This is wrong. The correct way is to use a nail file to file from both sides of the nail to the middle.

  1. Stop biting your nails

Some people like to bite their nails very much. This may be due to some tense emotions. Please stop doing this. This will cause your nails to become fragile and unhealthy. If you do nail art, you may still eat some chemicals, so please change this bad habit.

  1. Stop shaking the nail polish bottle

When your nail polish is stored for a long time, some of the ingredients in the nail polish will settle down. To mix them, please don't shake the nail polish bottle, this may cause some tiny bubbles to even your nail design Will not work well.


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