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5 Top Color Changing Nail Polish

5 Top Color Changing Nail Polish


The color of nail polish often represents a person's mood, but is there a nail polish that can be changed by personal mood? Sorry, the answer is no. But don't be discouraged, even if there is no such technology, there are other ways, such as you can choose magical color changing nails by changing the color of the light.


Changing nail polish can mean a lot of things. The first thing most people think of is the emotional polish, which changes with temperature, but the color-changing nail polish can also change the color by the light or even the angle of the polishing agent. Let me Introducing 5 of the best color nail polishes.


  1. Sun’s Out Tri-Thermal Polish by KBShimmer

Many thermal polishes claim to be gradients but the newly released Sun’s Out collection is the only one that literally stayed on my nails as a three-color gradient for any length of time.


The thermal polishes I’ve worn in the past have nice color changes but they’re usually one color or the other. There’s one color when cold, then a very short period when they’re shifting, and finally their warm color. KBShimmer’s Sun’s Out collection is different in that, more often than not, the polish actually shows as a gradient on my nails.


  1. BeautyBigBang Light Purple Metallic Lacquer Nail Polish Mirror Effect

When I want holographic nail polish, my go-to brand of choice is the indie nail polish maker BeautyBigBang. They have a series of holographic polish called Light Metallic Lacquer Mirror Effect Nail Polish which will blow your mind.


Holographic nail polish is a bit of a divergence from the other color changing nail polishes but with how much these sparkle like diamonds and create tiny rainbow bursts on from what’s otherwise silver nail polish earns the beautybigbang a spot on my list.


  1. Temperature Changing Creme Polish Set by Born Pretty

I can say from my personal experience that these things work well and are very interesting. If your nails are long enough (and the room temperature is not too hot), the thermochromic dye is sensitive enough to show a gradient. The formula is very transparent, so it takes two to three layers to completely cover.


  1. Shade Shifter Multi-Chrome Nail Polish by KBShimmer

On the more intense side, Shade Shifter from KBShimmer has a dramatic shift from metallic sapphire to teal to a magenta to yellow. The color shift is even visible while it’s still on the brush.


This is not a subtle polish so if you’re looking to get your nails noticed, this is a nice choice. It’s definitely a more sheer polish so you’ll want two to three coats for full opacity.


  1. Dare to Wear Mood Polish by LeChat

One of the more outstanding brands in gel nail polish, his discolored emotional polishing line is temperature sensitive and does not require extreme temperatures to see color changes.


For more chrome nail powder you can browse it!




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