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5 Holographic Nail Polishes Worth Starting

5 Holographic Nail Polishes Worth Starting


As one of the labels of fashion and beauty, Nail polish has always been favored by the general public. Holographic nail polish is the best shiny nail polish in nail polish.


Ordinary glittering nail polish reflects very beautiful light, but holographic nail polish not only reflects the light beam back, it also bends the light, breaking the line down into wavelengths of all colors in white light. The rainbow we are familiar with is created in this way. So, are you ready to start creating your own rainbow nails?


  1. Halo Graphic by Color Club


Halo Graphic is the linear aura of Color Club. It looks like pink delicate dust in low light, but once in the sun, the hologram is like a fire. It looks like there is candlelight on the nails.


The linear halo creates a red outer shape with a dark blue in the middle. Watch the video. They have not invented the words used to describe this aura.


The Color Club is one of the well-known brands in the field of full polishing, which is well-founded. This paint is three times more vegan and has no atrocities.


  1. Mega S by ILNP


ILNP offers different versions of its giant holograms and continues to evolve as it evolves. So far, this is the holographic nail polish of ILNP. It looks like ordinary silver under low light, but once the light hits it, the Mega S turns into a rainbow prism on the nail.


This is a holographic technique that you can almost see when you move your nails in your nails, just like a candle.


The formula is easy to use and thick enough to not accumulate in the stratum corneum or look like various items. It can be divided into two layers, but three layers are required to be completely opaque. The brightness of the spark masks all visible nails.


Even if I like a three-layer jacket, it won't feel too thick and won't dry out into a hard texture. For me, the color of ILNP usually stays free for a week or so, which is great.


  1. BeautyBigBang Light Purple Holographic Nail Polish Varnish 012


Beautybigbang is a holographic knee, so you can turn any nail polish into a paint that sprays a beautiful rainbow. It contains a holographic micro-glitter, and the pedestal itself adds holographic shimmer.


These polishes are fine spots of holographic material suspended in a transparent or colored nail polish base. Often, the color sequins produced by these polishes are large and irregular, just like the diamonds on your nails.


Beautybigbang is perfect in terms of texture and ease of use. This is the perfect choice for a perfect match with a classic silver aura.


  1. Ocean Rush by Layla


The photo of this bottle definitely does not meet the requirements of Poland. Watch this video below. The linear halo from the Layla hologram effect line is rich in color and has a beautiful, smooth rainbow line.


The daring effect of this varnish is largely determined by the smoothness of the nail. If all vice presidents can lie flat, then the effect is the most dramatic. You can polish your nails for this effect, but for those of us who have thinner or weaker nails, polishing is not a good choice. Instead, a comb-like primer is used to flatten the surface of the nail. Read articles about the best primers to find the right primer for your nail type.


If it is still not smooth enough, apply a top coat to the topcoat before glazing. However, this may affect the life of the nail. But to be honest, I don't care about the drama in The Ocean Busy.


  1. Turning Pointe by KBShimmer


KBShimmer's Turning Pointe is a discrete holographic chalk with a holographic micro-flash. In contrast to the linear polishing we see, Turning Pointe offers a completely different, more uniform flash effect.


Its aura does not look like an iridescent water, but rather a spray of light to a rose quartz crystal filled with tiny crystals. Gummi Bear Base is a pink soft ballet shoe.


It is common in coats and two in opacity, which is not a minor issue for sparkling polishing. Like all KBShimmer paints, Turning Pointe has triple degrees of freedom and shatter resistance.


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