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12 Interesting Facts About Nails That You May Not Know Yet

12 Interesting Facts About Nails That You May Not Know Yet

Nails are a part of our body. As time goes by, nails will continue to grow like hair. Therefore, nails need to be trimmed regularly like hair. Of course, like hairdressing, there is nail art. There are many interesting facts about nail knowledge that you may not know about, and we have collected 12 Interesting Facts About Nails. Scroll and continue reading.

  1. Nails consist of a layer of protein called keratin, which is the same substance that the body uses to produce hair and upper layers of skin. But their keratin molecules are arranged and combined differently, which is why nails are harder than hair.
  2. Generally, male nails grow faster than females.
  3. Nails do not sweat, it is the fingers.
  4. Nails also need blood to survive.
  5. The nails of hands that are good at it will also grow faster.
  6. Nails grow on average 3.5mm per month.
  7. Professionals can judge certain aspects of the disease based on the health of the nails.
  8. Healthy nails are characterized by a uniform shape, a smooth surface, and no shifts.
  9. The growth rate of nails is different in different seasons.
  10. According to research, about 20% -30% of people like to bite their nails. The reasons are largely boring, irritable, frustrated, focused on something or can be comforted. But this is a bad habit, which can lead to bacterial growth, damage to nail health, and ingestion of some germs and other things.
  11. Nails also get some common skin diseases, such as psoriasis. Laser treatments can now be used to achieve healing effects.
  12. In ancient culture, the performance of nail art can also be used as a symbol of social status.

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