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10 Nail Designs That Beginners Can Do At Home

10 Nail Designs That Beginners Can Do At Home

How to make manicure design for beginners at home?The following article is about 10 simple nail design, the nail design that beginners can learn at home.

Simple Nail Design-1

Apply a white nail polish primer to your nails, and then paint your nails casually according to your preferences (preferably more eye-catching colors).

simple nail design-1

Simple Nail Design-2

For the primer of white nail polish on your nails, you can use the nail stamping to add more difficult paintings to your nails.

simple nail design-2

Simple Nail Design-3

Gradient or Ombre Nail Art DIY Idea.

simple nail design-3

Simple Nail Design-4

Two shades of nail polish (black and gold in this case) – you can even try combining a matte nail and glossy version of the same shade.

simple nail design-4

Simple Nail Design-5

Black nail polish plus metal nail polish shadow (pink, green and royal blue) for a certain blend.

simple nail design-5

Simple Nail Design-6

Polka dots are the coolest way to try DIY nails without a kit at home. Even if people often think of dots in black and white, you can use different colors to make nails.

simple nail design-6

Simple Nail Design-7

When you expect your nails to be as complex as marble nail art, you only need to have a pair of stable hands and you can have beautiful marble nails.

simple nail design-7

Simple Nail Design-8

The Fishnet nail design is not only an option for nail art easy at home but also utilizes waste. In this design, you can make use of the netting of your discarded or worn down loofah. Simply take it apart and keep the net aside.

simple nail design-8

Simple Nail Design-9

Cute love stamps can easily help you achieve this effect, this design is very convenient, especially when you want to decorate for Valentine's Day.

simple nail design-9

Simple Nail Design-10

French nail art is very classic and never out of date, perfect for long and short nails.

simple nail design-10

For more information on nail art designsyou can browse it!




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