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10 Fun Nail Knowledge Tips

11 Fun Nail Knowledge Tips

I wrote a "12 interesting facts about nails that you may not know yet" before. Actually, the nail knowledge facts is much more than that. Today I will tell you about another 10 nail facts that I went to again. Scroll to read more.

  1. The longest nail in the world.Indian man Shridhar Chillal was certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest nail in the world. The total length of the five fingers of his left hand reached 9.09m.
  2. Nail clippers only appeared from 1875.In the past, people did not have nail tools to trim their nails, so they either used bite nails or trimmed with rocks or a knife. Until 1875, nail clippers were designed by Eugene Heim and Oelestin Matz and patented in 1881. This is the convenience now.
  3. In some cultures, how much the crescent shape on a finger represents the fate of a person.
  4. The crescent shapes on the fingers are not always visible; they are actually the visible extension of the matrix.
  5. The matrix is a part of the nail bed and contains the blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic system.
  6. The growth rate of toenails is not as good as that of fingernails, which grow an average of 1.6mm per month.
  7. Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.
  8. According to research, the amount of stress also affects the growth rate of nails. Excessive stress may cause nail growth.
  9. Five-finger nails grow at different rates. In general, the nail of the middle finger is the fastest, and the slowest is the growth of the thumb nails.
  10. The habit of biting nails has a medical name called onychomycosis.

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